30 December 2010


We do not celebrate Christmas. You read that right. The non-celebration is due to our religious belief. But I’m not getting into discussions of Faith here. I just want to share a different December point-of-view.

I grew up in a household with no parols, no Christmas trees, no belens. If you greet me “Merry Christmas,” I’ll most likely respond with “Happy Holidays!” I can’t relate to the Pinoy idiom “Ano’ng hinihintay mo, Pasko?!” Literal translation: “What are you waiting for – Christmas?!" (What it means: “Move it...now!”)

In our religion, December is more about Thanksgiving. Maybe that helped shape my ever-thankful character (remember my Gratitude Journal?).

All my life, the Holiday Season has been more about family and friends’ reunions. I look forward to the change of weather. Manila gets a little bit cooler in the evenings as soon as December sets in. I get excited over gift-shopping (My lists are on Excel worksheets, O.C.D.). We do exchange gifts during the reunions. I appreciate the Christmas-themed mall decors and street lights. I enjoy listening to Christmas carols (someone gave me the Glee Christmas Album this year, yey!). I have zero EQ when it comes to gifts – I open them as soon as they’re handed to me (one of the perks of not having to wait for December 24th). And I go gaga over post-Christmas sales! Some of my most favorite films are set against the Holiday Season – “Love Actually,” “Serendipity,” “The Holiday,” and yeah, even “Home Alone.”

I hope I’m proof that “no Christmas” does not make one a Scrooge. Because if Christmas really is about loving and giving and sharing – well, I’m into that all year round. *wink*

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