31 October 2010


The Network's 11th floor's Table for Two...
Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die...


At the Office Halloween Party, I got the biggest treat ever: R & D came as me and J!

As Mr & Mrs M

Creative Director LT's comments:
R as Me: Too much boobs!
D as J: Too bading!

J's signature pose: Back to Cam (as demonstrated by D)

So does this make us ala-Sharon & Gabby "Dear Heart" days? Too pa-sweet!

Seal & Heidi? Wish!

David & Victoria? Super wish!

Carrie & Mr. Big? "Me and You. Just Us Two." Feeling!

Great job, guys! You're such brave souls (to think malapit na evaluation, kidding!).

30 October 2010


We ran our first fun run! Thanks to Adobo Magazine's "Run After Dark 2010," held at 6pm earlier tonight, at the McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio.

We've been "training" (Naks!) for almost a month now. Been working out together for at least five times a week. Time for us to get back in shape (we've been enjoying our food trips too much, haha!). Tonight's run serves as our warm-up. Getting ready for the long haul.

Above: Our Singlets.

Above: 8K combined
Thanks to HM & JM for agreeing to switch with Hubby.
My J was able to join the 5K group.

Runner's High!
(Kahit 3K lang ako, hehe.)

A fun run is no marathon but we're still glad to be back on track! *wink*

17 October 2010


There's a game going around on Facebook -- the challenge is to answer questions about yourself through song titles of one music artist. It's a fun exercise. Try it.

My life according to The Corrs...

  • Are you a male or female: Queen of Hollywood
  • Describe yourself: So Young
  • How do you feel: Give It All Up
  • What do you hate: Forgiven not Forgotten
  • Describe where you currently live: Breathless
  • If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Runaway
  • Your favorite form of transpo: Little Wing
  • Your best friends are: At Your Side
  • Your fear: When He’s Not Around
  • What is the best advice you have to give: Love Gives Love Takes
  • Thought for the Day: Give Me a Reason
  • How I would like to die: Only When I Sleep
  • My soul’s present condition: No More Cry
  • A message to someone you love: Hopelessly Addicted
  • Your motto: Somebody for Someone

J's life according to The Who...

  • Are you a male or female: I'm A Boy
  • Describe yourself: The Seeker
  • How do you feel: Love Reign O'er Me
  • What do you hate: La-la-la-Lies
  • Describe where you currently live: In the City
  • If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Leaving Here
  • Your favorite form of transportation: 5:15 (train)
  • Your best friends are: My Generation
  • Your fear: I Can't Explain
  • What is the best advice you have to give: Won't Get Fooled Again
  • Thought for the Day: You Better You Bet
  • How I would like to die: I'm Free
  • My soul's present condition: Happy Jack
  • A message to someone you love: See Me, Feel Me
  • Your Motto: Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere

15 October 2010


Rolling with life's punches becomes much easier with a sparring partner. Thank you, J, for always fighting with me, fighting for me...in and out of the ring.

Our boxing gloves.
Red: Mine. White: J's.

Both our gloves have been autographed
by world champion Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao.
J's extra signature is from UFC's Brandon "The Truth" Vera.
(Perks of working for a TV network.)

Are you ready to rumble?


Life is not a fairytale.
Pero bakit nga ba laging may big, bad wolf?

Photo: Oregonwild.org

If there really is a reason for everything, then I'll still choose to be grateful. So with a big, heavy sigh I say...Thank you for allowing me to meet wolves. They serve as reminders of the people I should never become.


"Stop telling lies about me
and I'll stop telling the truth about you."
-- Gordon Gekko

12 October 2010


Aside from memories and photographs, what do you bring home from your travels?
J and I are always on the look-out for affordable art.

A few of our finds from Singapore, Bangkok, HongKong, Kuala Lumpur.
Not in picture: the posters from Macau & the prints from Beijing's 798 Art Zone

Most of the Asian pieces (which were perfect for our first home, the Oriental-themed QC apartment) are now in J's office. They don't fit the condo's black, red & white vintage pop interiors kasi.


I've actually written about it last year.
And I'm currently reading Gilbert's follow-up, Committed.

Sadly, I don't feel the same love for the film.

"Eat, Pray, Love" lost its soul on the big screen. I'd still recommend that you watch it -- for the locations, for Julia, for Javier, for the pasta & pizza. But a warning for those who've read the book -- Liz's soul searching was not captured on film. In the movie, her spiritual journey turned into a mere...travelogue. Sigh.
The film's more "Eat, Grieve, Befriend" -- as written by one reviewer.
Kulang kasi.

J was sleepy all throughout India, was restless through Bali...
The film needs a lot of editing.

10 October 2010


Ten things we did on 10/10/10:
  1. Woke up before 10am. We made it a no-alarm clock-day (a rare one for us!). We attended church service Saturday evening so we could sleep late Sunday.
  2. I cooked J's favorite pork and chicken adobo for brunch.
  3. J cooked chicken sopas for our merienda.
  4. We watched The Godfather II on DVD. My movie choice for Sunday morning. J's right, it's even better than the First.
  5. A well-deserved Swedish Massage for two. Heaven!
  6. Gave in to my pasta and pizza craving (caused by "Eat, Pray, Love" The Movie -- which we saw on Oct 7). Enjoyed mouth-watering Pasta Arrabiata and Napoli Pizza from Trattoria Gourmet, Shangrila Mall. I was too happy!
  7. Instead of gelato (still going by "Eat, Pray, Love's" menu), we had frozen yogurt at the newly-renovated Rustan's Supermarket.
  8. We printed photos for my dear Mom-in-law. We're visiting her this week.
  9. We agreed on starting on our nth investment, for our future.
  10. We slept early for our morning workout at the gym.

How'd you spend 10-10-10?

Photo from laughingsquid.com

08 October 2010


I'm currently addicted to doing collages.

Beijing, Sept 2010

It could be an effect of 2010 coming to an end.

This time of the year makes me feel sentimental over my life's highlights, lowlights, and everything in between. Where have I been? What have I done? Who have I met? What have I learned?

How does your 2010 collage look like? I'm still creating mine.

02 October 2010



Bulol at The Great Wall of China

  1. Wear your most comfortable shoes. There’ll be a lot of walking. We designed our own itinerary and commuted our way through Beijing. We averaged almost 50,000 steps each day (J’s watch has a pedometer).
  2. September is Autumn in Beijing. Weather ranged from 13-16C (Pinoys, it's like Baguio weather). You can survive with only one layer of clothing. But if you're lamigin, like me, best to bring a jacket / coat. It gets ice cold when it starts pouring (good thing I brought gloves and scarves).
  3. Check the weather forecast on-line. It was accurate from Sept 18-22, 2010. Thank God we brought umbrellas.
  4. If you're exploring on your own, bring your own map. Unlike in HK, SG and Shanghai, there were no free Beijing maps when we arrived at the Central Airport Terminal 2. Good thing our Frommer's book came with a free map, that’s what we used the entire trip.
  5. Pay public toilets are everywhere. Warning: they could be very stinky. And ladies, be ready to squat.
  6. Don’t ride the rickshaws. We heard they charge gold!
  7. Politely walk away from strangers approaching you for photos, tours, tickets, etc. These could be scams.
  8. You need at least five days to get around. Our trip was super bitin – only three days of pasyal (the other days were for flying). We didn’t get to see The Summer Palace and The Temple of Heaven; and there was no time for serious mall window shopping for me (hehe). More reasons to go back? *wink*
  9. The locals are helpful in their own sungit way.
  10. It helps to know a little Chinese. (J's taking Mandarin classes.)
  11. For the major attractions, we printed out their names in Chinese and English (you can access these on-line). The print outs made it easier to ask for directions.


This is a personal list from our recent trip (September 18-22, 2010) to Beijing. Best to make your own list if you don’t agree with me.



While walking through Hutong Inn’s neighborhood, I noticed a man with a bag full of yummy-looking egg tarts. “Where’d he get those?” Then J saw a bakeshop right across the street – a really small stall with a long line of locals. We crossed the street and lined up.

I was 16th in line.
But in less than five minutes (in fairness, the line was fast-moving)...

...I had my egg tarts!

Only RMB1 (or PHP6) per piece!
I ordered ten.
They were good.

But Beijing KFC tarts were better.

I know egg tarts are more associated with Macau. Wish we could go back to Macau to try the original Lord Stow’s (didn't have time for it during our Day Trip five years ago).


Rainy Friday in Manila.

At tuwing umuulan masarap matulog, pero mas masarap kumain!
So we headed to Via Mare for our rainy day comfort food.

J had chicken arroz caldo, while I had spicy tuyo, garlic rice and scrambled eggs. Sarap!
The perfect ending -- bibingka with salted duck egg.
What do you crave for during bed weather?