10 October 2010


Ten things we did on 10/10/10:
  1. Woke up before 10am. We made it a no-alarm clock-day (a rare one for us!). We attended church service Saturday evening so we could sleep late Sunday.
  2. I cooked J's favorite pork and chicken adobo for brunch.
  3. J cooked chicken sopas for our merienda.
  4. We watched The Godfather II on DVD. My movie choice for Sunday morning. J's right, it's even better than the First.
  5. A well-deserved Swedish Massage for two. Heaven!
  6. Gave in to my pasta and pizza craving (caused by "Eat, Pray, Love" The Movie -- which we saw on Oct 7). Enjoyed mouth-watering Pasta Arrabiata and Napoli Pizza from Trattoria Gourmet, Shangrila Mall. I was too happy!
  7. Instead of gelato (still going by "Eat, Pray, Love's" menu), we had frozen yogurt at the newly-renovated Rustan's Supermarket.
  8. We printed photos for my dear Mom-in-law. We're visiting her this week.
  9. We agreed on starting on our nth investment, for our future.
  10. We slept early for our morning workout at the gym.

How'd you spend 10-10-10?

Photo from laughingsquid.com

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