30 October 2010


We ran our first fun run! Thanks to Adobo Magazine's "Run After Dark 2010," held at 6pm earlier tonight, at the McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio.

We've been "training" (Naks!) for almost a month now. Been working out together for at least five times a week. Time for us to get back in shape (we've been enjoying our food trips too much, haha!). Tonight's run serves as our warm-up. Getting ready for the long haul.

Above: Our Singlets.

Above: 8K combined
Thanks to HM & JM for agreeing to switch with Hubby.
My J was able to join the 5K group.

Runner's High!
(Kahit 3K lang ako, hehe.)

A fun run is no marathon but we're still glad to be back on track! *wink*


Kristine R. said...

Hahhaha 3K? Congrats parin! Saya ng marathon no? :)

Out On a Date / My Little Black Book of Style said...

It was just a run. Participants may choose among 3K, 5K and 10K. A marathon has to be at least 42K diba? =) Matagal pa yun. =)

Anonymous said...

My J naman has been bugging me to do this too! when's your next? maybe we'll join..

Out On a Date / My Little Black Book of Style said...

Let's go, sago! =) Haribon's Million-Hectare Run is on Nov 21, Sunday, 6am, McKinley Hill pa rin. 3K, 5K, 10K. Then there's a McDo Family Run on Nov 28, morning din, same venue. Surf mo. =) TARA!