25 August 2009


J and I met up with my U.P. friends last Friday at one of our favorite restos, Recipes. Had the pork binagoongan, J had General's Chicken (as usual).

My college friends and I try to see each other at least twice a year. It's always fun seeing this bunch! Even J enjoys their company.

I'm always excited to know about what's new in their lives. But I also enjoy the "reunion regulars" -- topics we never fail to touch on over and over and over again. Regulars: the batch's controversial year book, our beloved batch mates (no details here), and RR.

Updates: someone just arrived from Europe, someone is flying to the US for a Study Grant, someone is now Asst. Vice President, two are celebrating their 10th year in their respective TV Networks, three are licensed na in their chosen professions (one is even Top 4 sa exam!), three are running their own businesses, six are great parents (some not in picture), three are based abroad, etc.

20 August 2009


One of my simple joys: Spanish bread. Loved it since I was a kid.

This week, we've dropped by Landmark Grocery in Trinoma twice for my fill of Fortune Bakeshop's Spanish breads (Php 7.25 each). Their Anniversary Promo: Buy 3, Get 1 Free! Happiness!

J, on the other hand, loves Megamelt's cheese ensaymada. Good thing there's a stall outside Landmark's supermarket. Another stall we frequent for his ensaymada fix: the stall in Gateway Mall's Food Court.

What are your simple joys?

Here are more of ours:
1. bookstore trips (we don't even have to buy anything)
2. last full show movie dates in our favorite Lazy Boy seats
3. looong walks (if the pedometer says 15,000 steps or more, we're ECSTATIC!)
4. every visit to the new home gives us a different kind of high
5. holding hands
6. our private jokes, banters, pun-ny and witty exchanges


Yes, we've been packing like crazy! (That's "PA" not "FU" - LOL!)

All our free time has been dedicated to sorting out our stuff -- which ones will go to the scrap collector, which ones to Nueva Ecija, which ones to my parent's place, which ones to my brother's place, which ones to the new home. It is unbelievable how much stuff we've acquired in five years!

With each trip to the condo, we try to bring as much as we can. Thank God for Soho's helpful guards.

After leaving stuff in the new home we go back to the apartment to pack some more. I swear, it's never ending!

Thank God for the two long weekends coming up. I hope we get to finish everything before September sets in.

As for the "FU" -- Hallelujah we have time for that in between the "PAs"!

12 August 2009


Had a blast over Lady Gaga's concert last night! Where does the woman get her energy?! I'm in awe!

While we, girls (watched with my cousins), were being Gaga-fied, my dear hubby patiently waited for me. I couldn't convince him to watch. Gave him the option to go home ahead of me. But no, he wants to be around the vicinity - to make sure I'm safe and all. So from 8-10:30pm, he surfed away in one of the cafes in the Big Dome area.

We were in the same row as this Gaga Fan! S/he even had his own Disco Stick! Bongga!


Araneta was packed! We were seated in the Upper Box, except for C who watched with her fashionista friends from the front row.

11 August 2009


I believe that God blesses us with a partner that brings out the best in us. (If your partner brings out the worst in you, better think twice -- saan galing yan?! Hahaha!)

Scenario over the weekend...

Me: Non-stop worrying about the looong To Do List for our new home. Kept on talking about what we should accomplish, how we can't go beyond our budget, how tough it is to manage three households (current apartment, new home, my parents' place) etc. Kept on tossing and turning in bed!

J: Pinapagod mo sarili mo. Sa utak mo pa lang pagod na pagod ka na! Relax. We'll accomplish every thing a day at a time.

Then he hugged me.

I have to admit it's my first time to worry about moving into a new place. When my family moved homes (at least 3 times), all I had to worry about were my siblings. My parents only wanted me to make sure they're safe, that we're playing away from where the adults are (para di kami istorbo sa pag-aayos nila).

Now, I have to worry about the budget, how to keep our valuables safe, which ones to keep, which ones to dispose, which ones to sell, who to call/hire, schedules, etc.


05 August 2009


Aliw! This was a birthday poster made by our Department's Art Support Group. Pardon the grammatical errors and typos -- it's the thought that counts! Haha!

So true - J is one of my beauty secrets! =) One of the compliments I often receive is how I don't look married. Apparently, some people attach looking "harassed" and "stressed" to marriage. Thank God, I can't relate. My source of stress: work. But never J (Dear God, let it stay that way.).

04 August 2009


Millions of people out on the street. A shower of yellow confetti. The "Laban" sign. The visuals are too parallel, it doesn't seem like they happened nearly three decades apart. The images from Ninoy's and Cory's deaths are too identical, too compelling, nakakapanindig-balahibo.

An observer said it perfectly, “both Ninoy and Cory united the people against tyranny, oppression and corruption.” Another added, “That is their story that should be retold to all generations over and over again.”

What a couple, huh? Bow ako. This is the kind of partnership, the kind of marriage that would make even the most cynical believe in "soul mates."

I was too young to share the Filipino people's anger over the death of Ninoy. I was only 7 years old in 1983. But I do remember being moved and shedding tears over the images of the 1986 EDSA People Power. I'm no fan. I know they were not perfect leaders (who is?). But Ninoy and Cory have my utmost respect and admiration. I'm in awe of their love for each other, for each other's cause, love for the country and the Filipino.

Theirs is a marriage that took to heart the "Hindi ka nag-iisa" (You are not alone) slogan.

Maraming salamat, Ninoy and Cory. The Filipino people will forever be grateful.

01 August 2009


We're aiming for a Zen-Retro look for our new home. The color palette: black, red and white.

Here are some of our pegs for space-saving storage: wardrobe (black and red) and AV cabinet (mostly black). Even the sofa and bed must be able to function as storage.

And here are a few of our accent pieces: a red TEAC CD player / radio (this is one of the very few pieces from the apartment which made it to the condo); a Century fan (from True Value); stainless steel bath accessories (also from True Value).

We've found three shower curtains: one that's plain red (currently hanging), one from the Andy Warhol Home Collection (so excited to use this!) and a black Herringbone curtain (one of J's favorite pants/hat fabrics).

The Andy Warhol shower curtain will complement the pop art (visuals: J wants my picture!) he's planning for the wall. Have to find the perfect photo for this! Or I could have one professionally taken (hint, hint!). I swear, he's the only one who can tolerate (and appreciate) my kaartehan! Told you, he's so into me. =)