25 August 2009


J and I met up with my U.P. friends last Friday at one of our favorite restos, Recipes. Had the pork binagoongan, J had General's Chicken (as usual).

My college friends and I try to see each other at least twice a year. It's always fun seeing this bunch! Even J enjoys their company.

I'm always excited to know about what's new in their lives. But I also enjoy the "reunion regulars" -- topics we never fail to touch on over and over and over again. Regulars: the batch's controversial year book, our beloved batch mates (no details here), and RR.

Updates: someone just arrived from Europe, someone is flying to the US for a Study Grant, someone is now Asst. Vice President, two are celebrating their 10th year in their respective TV Networks, three are licensed na in their chosen professions (one is even Top 4 sa exam!), three are running their own businesses, six are great parents (some not in picture), three are based abroad, etc.


mimi dang said...

hey, saan ang recipes? i'm a binagoongan lover din eh.

DailyDates said...

Hi Dang! May Recipes sa Trinoma, 2nd floor, tapat ng Rolex. Meron din sa Shangrila, 5th floor, tapat ng Bayo, tabi ng Plains and Prints. =) Try nyo.