11 August 2009


I believe that God blesses us with a partner that brings out the best in us. (If your partner brings out the worst in you, better think twice -- saan galing yan?! Hahaha!)

Scenario over the weekend...

Me: Non-stop worrying about the looong To Do List for our new home. Kept on talking about what we should accomplish, how we can't go beyond our budget, how tough it is to manage three households (current apartment, new home, my parents' place) etc. Kept on tossing and turning in bed!

J: Pinapagod mo sarili mo. Sa utak mo pa lang pagod na pagod ka na! Relax. We'll accomplish every thing a day at a time.

Then he hugged me.

I have to admit it's my first time to worry about moving into a new place. When my family moved homes (at least 3 times), all I had to worry about were my siblings. My parents only wanted me to make sure they're safe, that we're playing away from where the adults are (para di kami istorbo sa pag-aayos nila).

Now, I have to worry about the budget, how to keep our valuables safe, which ones to keep, which ones to dispose, which ones to sell, who to call/hire, schedules, etc.


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