01 August 2009


We're aiming for a Zen-Retro look for our new home. The color palette: black, red and white.

Here are some of our pegs for space-saving storage: wardrobe (black and red) and AV cabinet (mostly black). Even the sofa and bed must be able to function as storage.

And here are a few of our accent pieces: a red TEAC CD player / radio (this is one of the very few pieces from the apartment which made it to the condo); a Century fan (from True Value); stainless steel bath accessories (also from True Value).

We've found three shower curtains: one that's plain red (currently hanging), one from the Andy Warhol Home Collection (so excited to use this!) and a black Herringbone curtain (one of J's favorite pants/hat fabrics).

The Andy Warhol shower curtain will complement the pop art (visuals: J wants my picture!) he's planning for the wall. Have to find the perfect photo for this! Or I could have one professionally taken (hint, hint!). I swear, he's the only one who can tolerate (and appreciate) my kaartehan! Told you, he's so into me. =)

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czarinavilla said...

I've been to your lovely humble abode and can already imagine it. Can't wait!

I didn't make the shoes from the last Fashion Week anymore. Ngarag to pull out for 24 girls!