14 October 2011


We're finally in SG! 

And I'm proud to say I don't have to remind myself that this is NOT a vacation. Of course, we plan to enjoy the entire experience but we've come here for a mission: to find jobs and start a new life. So wala munang masyadong pasyal. Dito lang sa neighborhood pwede. Lol.

Sharing some photos from the first day of our Adventure...

Last Manila meal before the SG Adventure: Shakey's.
At the NAIA Terminal 3
My first SG meal for this Adventure: Laksa.
At the SG Budget Terminal.
Around 1:45AM
Hubby's first SG meal for this Adventure: Kaya Toast and Teh-C.
Our new neighborhood: Punggol Field
Punggol is at the end of the Purple Line
so we're assured seats in the MRT,
going to the city. Yey!

The hawker center right across our building is called GM.
Hubby's initials. LOL.

My Hainanese chicken rice set.

Hubby's roasted chicken rice set.

This is our building,
located along the main road.
(Just like our condo along Shaw Blvd!)

One of the many tile murals in our building.

The same mural, different view.
This is the pocket garden near the building's elevator.

The building's floor tiles.
Yes, Punggol is water-themed.
Is it because of the waterway in the area?
I'll confirm asap.
The next building's tiled mural.
Love it!

This is how the walkways connecting
the more than 50 residential buildings look like.

One of Punggol Field's many play grounds.
My nieces and nephews will love this!

The adult exercise area.
Sabi nga ni Mama - Para sa kanila. Lol.

I love how the rubberized floors were designed!

Another exercise area. Yes, marami!
Bawal ang out-of-shape dito. LOL.

Again, aliw ang rubberized exercise floor.

Chicken Curry at Kopitiam.
The hawker center to the right of our building.

One of the neighborhood's mini marts.

This one's a mere 5-minute walk from our building.

Giant atis! Around Php175 each.

More fresh produce...
Ano kaya lulutuin ko?

Three blocks away from our "home,"
there's a neighborhood mall, Punggol Plaza.
It has Watson's, Fair Price grocery,
hair and nail salons, a reflexology place, a wet market
at the basement, a hawker center, tiangges.
No boutiques. Sabi nga ni Ate P, "iwas-temptation!" Haha!

This is our window to the world.
Our view from our bedroom: Punggol's main street,
more residential buildings,
and Punggol's LRT (going to the MRT).

So how are we so far? Feeling right at home. *wink*


Anonymous said...

Love the tile murals! You seem to be right at home, Ayee. Enjoy!

AVM said...

We'll do! =) Thanks.

[pinkc00kies] said...

i love SG :) good luck!

AVM said...

Giordano currently sells "I (Heart) SG" shirts. =) Perfect for you Pinkcookies. =) Thanks!

JayR said...

Hi Ayee! Jay here! Congratulations! Nice place :) Miss you. I just donned on me the other day na wala na kayo sa MLA at nandyan na kayo sa SG. I tried to text you through your Globe number. La lang. Nagbakasakali. I'm so happy for you (with tears sa gilid na eyes), and proud of the both of you for taking the big leap. Good luck! Claim it - lapit na yan magka-job! Hugs!

AVM said...

Hi Jay! Miss you too! =) Friend, I'm really claiming it. Feeling at home na nga kami eh, hahaha. Not using my Globe number anymore. Sent you my SG number, andun sa FB message ko. =) Excited for your US trip. =) HUGS!

Deepa said...

Congrats, you two! I have friends (a married couple) who live at the condo right above Punggol MRT. She's a stay at home mom and he works at Adidas. Let me know if you want me to hook you guys up. When it comes to new friends, more is always merrier diba? :)