19 October 2011


Who said you have to spend a fortune to enjoy a trip to Orchard Road?

With Singapore's warm and humid weather, it's always a perfect time for ice cream. And along Orchard Road (SG's shopping haven) there are lots of ice cream carts, manned by old men (Natutuwa talaga ako that senior citizens have work here.).  I had the "Traditional Ice Cream" on sugar cone the other day (will try the ice cream sandwich next time). Parang nasa Manila rin ako because it looked and tasted like our "dirty ice cream." There's also Chocolate like Manila's version, but here, it's Corn instead of Cheese, and Strawberry instead of Ube. It gave me the same cheap thrill! *big smile*

So true: Ice cream and sunny afternoons are perfect combinations anywhere in the world. 

My Simple Joy along Orchard Road:
"Traditional Ice Cream" for only SGD1.

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