17 October 2011



Am I in Holland? LOL

Since we're currently trying out life in Singapore, I'm starting off a series of blog entries featuring simple every day things that made me smile.

Simple joys. Babaw joys. Nope, I do not take anything for granted. *wink*

Here's the first of the series: the ground floor ladies restroom at the Great World City mall, Singapore. It's decorated with tulip gardens and may clogs pang nakasabit. Haha!

Na-curious ako: are there different world themes within the mall's restrooms? Would have loved to find out but we were rushing to our next appointment. So next time na lang. =)


Deepa said...

I was just about to say: nandito ba kayo? LOL!

Have fun, you guys. It's so much fun discovering a new place and making a new home together. Make the most of it!

AVM said...

We'll do! =) Thanks, Deepa!