19 February 2012


Hubby got everything to help ease my pain.

Cut my right thumb with my umbrella last week. Don't ask me how. I'm engot that way.

I'm really so blessed to have a Hubby who rushed to the neighborhood mall to buy everything I needed for the wound. Including Oreo McFlurry! "To help ease the pain." *sniff, sniff*

After I washed with soap and water, he dressed the wound. And did so every day. The wound's totally healed by now. Thanks to my personal Nurse-Doctor.

Just want to share a prescription for a happy, loving relationship: Be each other's Ultimate Caregiver.


T Ramos said...

Awww :-) That is soooooo sweet, A :-)

I'm amazed at how married peeps can be as happy and as mushy as you guys :-)

So, Sing is hot right now? :-( I will be packing in a couple of days.

AVM said...

Couples should make the effort talaga to keep the mushy-ness alive. =)

And yes, super init these days. Then biglang heavy downpour in the afternoon. An umbrella will come in handy. ENJOY YOUR SG TRIP! =)