24 February 2012


More on marriage, from one of my favorite shows, The Today Show --
  • A study revealed that if you're bored in your marriage at 7 years, you'll be in real trouble in 16. (Me to Hubby: We have very good chances of staying crazy in love until our 75th year. Yey!)
  • Some people's idea of marriage: "I can lay back, roll out of bed in my sweatpants, never brush my teeth again, and that's unconditional love." To which KLG says, "That's the relationship you have with your dog." (Me: Oh, the perks of being vain. Haha!)
  • Tip: You have to try to keep that excitement going. (Me: The operative word there is TRY. Yes, people, it takes effort, from both parties. You don't wait for excitement to happen. You two should make it happen.)
Watch the full segment here.

I'll end this with my favorite marriage quote (chanced upon this when I read the book, "Committed"):

"There is no greater risk than matrimony.
But there is nothing happier than a happy marriage."
-- Benjamin Disraeli

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