19 February 2012


"Would you like fries with that?" goes the old office joke. Have you actually said this to a colleague requesting for something?

Syempre, that was top of mind when we tried EWF: Everything with Fries at the Holland Village.

What I had: Bolognese that came with fries and Caesar salad. I love how generous the tomatoes and meat were! It satisfied my pasta craving. For the fries, you get to choose the flavor. Tried sour cream and onion. OK lang. Mas maalat yung sa Manila, mas gusto ko yun. (My first choice was their salmon but it was unavailable that night. Reason to come back!)

Hubby: Pork chop with curry fries and salad. The pork chop was so tender. And masarap ang timpla. His curry fries were more flavorful than my sour cream and onion.

Drink: Lemon iced tea. We requested for more ice. Ang init eh.

Tab: Less than SGD40.

What we enjoyed, aside from the food: people watching. The place attracts a young set. With that name, that's kinda expected. Pareho naman sila ng Pinoy youth: noisy and mahilig mag-picture-an.

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The Certified Olympian said...

That is sooooooo sweet :-)

But I'm not really surprised because J is like so helpful with strangers (remember when I was new in that really old and dusty Creatives office)what more to those he loves, right? :-)

Thanks for sharing :-) We could all use a little cheesiness everyday.