24 February 2012


Jennifer Hudson beautifully sang at The Grammys. Friends posted their favorite songs on Facebook. People did Whitney karaoke nights.

In honor of  Whitney Houston, I watched (er, endured) "The Bodyguard." It was my first time to see it. Muntik ko nang hindi kayanin. Out of respect, tinapos ko. I'm cheesy. Pero may hangganan pala. 

The biggest surprise: While I was watching, Hubby revealed that he actually saw it back in 1992.

Hubby: "It was as big as Ghost."
Me: "OK, Honey, I will always love you... Sa presinto ka magpaliwanag."


Anyway, I was more moved by Kevin Costner's eulogy six days ago. "I was your pretend bodyguard once...and now you're gone too soon." And after talking about Whitney's insecurities, he ended with "When you sing before Him, don't you worry. You will be good enough." He made me cry.

I may not have liked the film but yes, I know, as long as there are love stories (happy or sad), Whitney's songs will live on.

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