08 August 2010


#4 Authentic Chinese Reflexology

If you've been following my blog, you'd know we're massage addicts. In Taipei, we tried three different reflexology clinics and all are highly recommended! Just how good? Gusto namin sila iuwi!

We were seriously discussing the possibility of starting an authentic reflexology clinic in Manila, with our Taipei reflexologists as trainers / teachers.

The massage clinics I've been raving about before Taipei are all kulang compared to what we've experienced. Yes, even the KL foot massage that has been number one on our list for quite some time now, has been dislodged from its position.


Saturday: Foot Massage
24-hour shop in the Shilin Night Market area
Name: It was in Chinese but their green shirts said Chung Lung
NTD400 each (roughly Php560)

Sunday: Foot & Shoulder Massage
Spa in the Ximen Night Market area
Name: I think they were called Royal Bali
NTD1000 each (roughly Php1400)

Monday: Back Massage
Spa in the Ximen Pedestrian area
Name: Again, it was in Chinese. Just look for the sign.
We're assuming every one is good.
NTD400 each

**Spas can be found everywhere, within the night markets / shopping districts.
Just look for the reflexology feet sign. =)

Why are we raving?

1) Our daily Kuala Lumpur foot massages were very, very good. Authentic. But the Taipei reflexologists were better because their style was not formulaic. They personalize the service. J and I always asked for the same service but we'd get different styles (we are always seated beside each other so we can see). The details of the massage would depend on what your body actually needs.

2) The Taipei reflexologists tried to tell us, in their limited English, what were the problem areas. That has always been my dream - for the masseuse to tell me what was wrong, what that painful pressure point says. Taipei reflexologist to me: "You problem sleep." (No thanks to the hotel pillow!)

3) They were very thorough. You'd know if a therapist is lazy or has no idea as to what s/he is doing (I've experienced both types). In Taipei, they were so into the massage! Yung mga akala kong masipag dati, malayong-malayo sa kanila!

4) Whatever was sore before the massage, felt lighter, rejuvinated, healthier after each session! You don't feel sleepy. You feel a surge of new energy!

5) The male reflexologists wear surgical cloves when working on females. I appreciate that para di skin on skin action. =)

6) They so know what they're doing.

Our massage experience in Shanghai was so-so. Same in Hong Kong. We were not able to try the services in Singapore and Macau. The Thai massage in Bangkok was good. But I'm not really a fan of dry massage. We have favorites in Manila, and Kuala Lumpur has always been number one, but I'm now declaring our Taipei experience THE BEST EVER!

Photos? None.
Who would want to take pictures of their tired feet?
Or node-filled shoulders and backs? Hehe.

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