06 August 2010


Who doesn’t love long weekends? For my 34th birthday, J gave me, us, exactly that. We left for Taipei Friday, July 30, and returned to Manila Tuesday, August 3 – a five-day weekend we loved, loved, loved!

[Photo: Mine. Giant "Love" installation, Taipei 101 entrance.]

Taiwan is not on people’s “to visit” list. And somehow that was an additional attraction to us.

So why Taipei?

1) Seeing new worlds is one of our joys. It doesn’t have to be a popular destination. Besides, we’re not really into popular choices (we’re childless by choice, remember?). As long as the place has points of interest, is safe to visit, and within our budget, we’re game!

2) It was part of Cebu Pacific’s seat sale. Wala kaming pinalalampas!

3) We got interested after catching episodes of Discovery Travel & Living’s “Fun Taiwan.” Confession: J finds the host Janet Hsieh very pretty (crush niya!). We actually had a silly wish: to see Janet filming while we were in Taipei. Such fans! LOL

According to the Lonely Planet, “In the first decade of the 21st century, Taiwan is increasingly drawing travelers of all stripes: from spiritual seekers looking to experience the island’s religious heritage to gourmands in search of the perfect night-market­ meal to computer geeks scanning the horizon for the latest high-tech gadgets. Taiwan offers visitors a hypermodern skin, an ancient Chinese skeleton and an aboriginal soul.”


Thank you, Taipei, for a super fun birthday weekend!

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