26 August 2010


These may not be enough to keep the Rolando Mendozas of the world away but you must agree, safety travel tips are worth considering in every pasyal plan.

As one Travel Safety website says, “Life is full of threats and we make our way each day by deciding how to create an environment that provides us as much safety as possible while we pursue our existence. Travel is no different. Think about the threat of terrorism, consider how you would adjust your travel to compensate, and get on with enjoying your life.”

[Photo: Gov.ky]

What hubby and I have been doing:

1.Research on local laws, customs, places to avoid, scams, etc.

2.Photocopy passports, tickets, hotel reservation. Keep copies in each bag.

3.Pack an extra set of passport photos to make replacement of your passport easier in the event that it is lost or stolen. (Yes, I'm that prepared. O.C.!)

4.Leave flight details, hotel address and number, itinerary with family members.

5.Have a copy of your credit card numbers. Know the number to call for lost credit cards.

6.Make sure your cell phone is on roaming, and is always fully-charged.

7.Try to learn phrases (especially emergency phrases) in their language.

8.No jewelry. Just my cheap, chic accessories.

9.Have a belt / money bag.

10.If you carry a purse, carry it across your chest.

11.Do not show large amounts of money.

12.Bring one or two major credit cards (or traveler’s checks) instead of cash.

13.Make sure hotel room is locked, bolted.

14.Study the hotel’s suggested emergency exits.

15.Be cautious of scams (illegal taxis, strangers inviting you to supposed secret shopping stalls, etc).

For our next trip, we’re adding this to our To Do list:

1.Note the emergency numbers: the local police, the local tourist information office, the hotel, the airline, the Philippine Embassy; etc.

Do you have more safety travel tips to share?


Kristine R. said...

I like no. 2 :)

Our practice: we also "empty out" wallet contents, like some cards that are not valid on the country being visited. Para light! :)

My Little Black Book of Style said...

I don't bring my wallet na nga para light talaga. =) A card case is enough, may room na rin for some cash.

Camille R. said...

I just realized na it's worth to get travel insurance just to be safe than sorry. :)It may be too late to get one if you need it.

I should be consistent in doing no. 2 & 3. Thanks for the tips.

Out On a Date / My Little Black Book of Style said...

Oh, yes, Camille. Dati optional ang travel insurance sa min, ngayon must na. Kahit maliit. =)