30 December 2010


BEST MEMORIES of 2010 (in random order):
  1. J and I experienced all four seasons this year (see the gift tag I made above). A first for us! Yey! But still no snow (Maybe by 2011?).
  2. Welcomed 2010 in HongKong!
  3. Attended a wedding in Singapore one week before the Chinese New Year.
  4. Shanghai Spring! I was like a giddy little girl when I saw cherry blossoms for the first time.
  5. Celebrated my birthday "on top of the world," at the Taipei 101, Taiwan.
  6. Trekked one of the Wonders of the World – The Great Wall of China!
  7. Treated my parents and sister to a Palawan vacation! One more item off my Bucket List. Next goal: To treat the whole family to a vacation outside of the country.
  8. Started running (Loving it!). It has helped me lose weight. Today, I'm one pound away from my original weight goal. I'm considering pushing myself some more.
  9. Back in the boxing ring. Whew!
  10. Started Blog #2: My Little Black Book of Style
  11. My sister P continued to excel in class. She actually scores perfect in her exams!
  12. My niece S started school. I tried to be present in all the major school events -- for her, for my parents (I document the events for them).
  13. Another year of us being blessed with good health, safe travels, stable careers, lots of love and laughter.

Some of the things I’m looking forward to in 2011 (also in random order)...
  1. [Accomplished. School started 012911.] Student life. Part of my Year-End Bonus went to my tuition. So excited!
  2. My family coming home. I want my parents to enjoy the fruits of their labor and the company of their beloved granddaughter (they miss her too much!).
  3. I’m praying for a BIG LEAP I’m planning to take. (So help me, God.)
  4. [Accomplished 010211.] New hair color.
  5. Going back to yoga.
  6. Back to 110 lbs.
  7. More travels.
  8. More discoveries.
  9. More life lessons.
  10. The successful launch of the new channel.
  11. My dear sister P’s grade school graduation. And her move to high school (Oooh, I’m getting very sentimental. Ang bilis ng panahon.).
  12. More of the good stuff: good health, safe travels, fulfilling and rewarding careers, lots of love and laughter for all of us.

"Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right."-- Oprah Winfrey


We do not celebrate Christmas. You read that right. The non-celebration is due to our religious belief. But I’m not getting into discussions of Faith here. I just want to share a different December point-of-view.

I grew up in a household with no parols, no Christmas trees, no belens. If you greet me “Merry Christmas,” I’ll most likely respond with “Happy Holidays!” I can’t relate to the Pinoy idiom “Ano’ng hinihintay mo, Pasko?!” Literal translation: “What are you waiting for – Christmas?!" (What it means: “Move it...now!”)

In our religion, December is more about Thanksgiving. Maybe that helped shape my ever-thankful character (remember my Gratitude Journal?).

All my life, the Holiday Season has been more about family and friends’ reunions. I look forward to the change of weather. Manila gets a little bit cooler in the evenings as soon as December sets in. I get excited over gift-shopping (My lists are on Excel worksheets, O.C.D.). We do exchange gifts during the reunions. I appreciate the Christmas-themed mall decors and street lights. I enjoy listening to Christmas carols (someone gave me the Glee Christmas Album this year, yey!). I have zero EQ when it comes to gifts – I open them as soon as they’re handed to me (one of the perks of not having to wait for December 24th). And I go gaga over post-Christmas sales! Some of my most favorite films are set against the Holiday Season – “Love Actually,” “Serendipity,” “The Holiday,” and yeah, even “Home Alone.”

I hope I’m proof that “no Christmas” does not make one a Scrooge. Because if Christmas really is about loving and giving and sharing – well, I’m into that all year round. *wink*

11 December 2010


Remember my Auntie Brigade entry? Well, one of my favorite Auntie / Tita moments this year was skipping work (morning lang naman) to attend my niece's school party. Yes, I'm that kind of Tita, I make time for milestones. Family over work. *wink*

Above: The classroom window.
Love the artwork!

Above: Happy 4th Birthday to our dearest S!
Her classmates sang the birthday song in Chinese! Cute!
They had their Chinese class that day kasi.

Above: Tita A & Tito J's gift --
Toy Story cupcakes for every one!

Above: I'm a fan of super cute cupcakes!
I'm loyal to Kiddie-party.com, love their creations.

Below: Last year's Strawberry Shortcake set.

Below: Their Hannah Montana creation for my dear sister.

05 December 2010


Above: Our condo's lobby tree
The sinamay (fabric made from banana plant fibers) makes it very Filipino.
I appreciate that especially since the building's tenants are multi-cultural.
Ibida ang Pinoy touch!

Above: Our neighborhood mall's tree of toys!
Shangri-la Plaza

Above: The Shangri-la Mall hanged their stockings!
Have you done the same?

Giant stockings could only mean lots of gifts!

Above: Our office is dressed as a Gift Box for the Holidays!
GMA Network, EDSA side

The Network's annex pedestrian gate

How are things looking at your side of the world? =)