04 October 2011


I've been reading a lot of O magazines lately, thanks to my Tita E. They're among her many pasalubong. (She knows I don't mind back issues.)

This one's inspired by Oprah's "What I Know For Sure" articles (found at the last page of every O mag issue)...

In a few days we're taking a major life adventure. 

While Hubby's fearless (He's been through hell and back, you see. He almost died seven years ago. In his words, "Ano pang ikatatakot ko?"), I'm hounded by questions and yes, fear. Compared to him, I've lived a fairly sheltered life. So this is really a fish-out-of-water experience for me. 

My Qs: Where will we work next? Will we still be doing TV? How long until our next pay day? Will the language difference be a barrier? Will I lose weight with the supposed "OFW diet" (homesickness plus pagtitipid)? LOL. Do I really have to do my own laundry (A first for me!)? How will "our new home" look like (and I don't mean the temporary accommodation for October and November)? Where will we welcome 2012? Will the gamble pay off? Etc, etc.

I don't know where this adventure will lead me, us. But here's what I know for sure: WE WANT TO DO THIS. Together, all the way.

A part of me is in love with the possibilities! Another part is scared to death. Great thing I'm taking this journey with The Hubby.
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Wish us luck! 


Anonymous said...

the greatest luck!!! I'm sure you will do even greater, ate!

see you in Singapore! **wishful thinking** on my part hehe :)

AVM said...

Thanks! =)

See you, there! =) Bitbitin mo parents ko when you visit. Lol.

Karla said...

Hi Ayee!
I've been following your blog for a while now but always felt kinda dyahe. Mainly because I am not sure if you will still remember me and if you don't...well, then that makes me a creepy sort of fangirl! Anyhoo, congrats on the major life changes and for sharing the one thing you know for sure. Not all of us get to figure things out right away.
Are you leaving for SG soon? Maybe we could catch up and pick each others brains? I did the whole work overseas thing for a few years and am now back in Manila. The total opposite of your current situation!
Good luck with everything.

Karla Tulio

T said...

Woohooooooooooo! Here's to your exciting SG adventure, A :)

I will be praying for you and J :)

I'll hook up with you when I fly to SG :)

AVM said...

Hi Karla! Did we meet in school or at work? Sorry, memory gap.So how was the OFW experience for you?

AVM said...

See you, T! =>

Karla said...

Ayee, we were both in Banaag Club in highschool.
One thing I learned from my OFW experience is that you need to leard to adapt and fast! There is no point in looking for the comforts (food, the help, etc) that you are used to when in another country. Instead, enjoy the things that are unique to the new country that you're in. Doings so makes visits home much more enjoyable since you really do end up 'missing' evertyhing.

AVM said...

KARLA! How are you? I remember na, sorry ha, it's been years kasi. =) Aliw naman itong reunion online.

Hey, I'm taking your tip to heart.

Karla said...

Oh and one more thing, bring with you clothes and of good quality. The kind that will last for more than a year. This will save you money during your first few months. Also, your Manila wardrobe should be completely separate from your Sing wardrobe. If you have an item bought in Sing that you want to wear to Manila, then bring it with you next time you go home and then leave it in Manila (and vice versa). Gets? Its kinda brutal, I know, but doing just this one thing stops you from lugging around clothes between countries. And it frees you from the stress of packing a large, overweight bag.
Grabe ang haba na naman ng comment ko! Heehee...

AVM said...

Karla, that makes a lot of sense. Will do that. =)

Actually nag excess baggage ako going to SG, haha. So yes, I'll need a wardrobe strategy. =) Thanks.

Where'd you work overseas?

Karla said...

I lived and worked in Yangon, Myanmar for 4+ years.