20 October 2011


Inspired by the traveling gnome from one of our favorite films, Amelie, Hubby and I travel with Bulol. We try to take photos of him wherever we go. He actually has his own album on my Facebook page. LOL. Of course, he's with us on This Adventure. And here are a few of his most recent shots. 

What's for breakfast?
Kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs, cups of Teh-C.

Bulol in Punggol

Why a rice god (aka Bulol)? Kasi mas Pinoy (vs Amelie's gnome).

Hubby's a mountaineer. Among his favorite places to climb in the Philippines: the Ifugao province, where Bulols are part of the culture. The carved figures are usually kept in the rice granary to supposedly bring abundance and prosperity. And me, well, Baguio's my hometown (Dad's side), so yes, I'm exposed to what Bulol stands for. We agreed it'd be our best (pocket-size) travel companion.

And like my Hubby, our Bulol is inked (Thanks to one of the most talented Art Directors we know - M!). Bulol's Kalinga tattoos reflect the highland culture, while Hubby's tattoos are all about Philippine folklore.

We embrace the Pinoy culture that way.

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