06 May 2009


J and I have a constant travel companion – a bulol (Ifugao rice god) whom we named, well, Bulol. We try to photograph him in every place we visit - an idea inspired by one of our favorite films, Le fabuleux destin d’ Amelie Poulain (remember the garden gnome who got to travel the world?).

But sometimes, we must admit, we forget to bring him along, hehe (senior moment!).

Bulol's window seat

Bulol at the Batu Caves, Malaysia

Bulol at the Merlion Park, SG

Bulol at the Starfish Island, Honda Bay
Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan

Bulol in Boracay

Bulol inside the Sumaging Caves of Sagada

Bulol by the Sagada Bell

Bulol at The Manor Hotel, Baguio

Bulol at the Burnham Park in Baguio

Bulol at the Bell Tower, Vigan, Ilocos Norte

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