05 February 2011


A Life Partner...

[A] volunteers to format your 68-page PowerPoint Presentation for Fashion School due in a few hours

[B] surprises you with a book you can use for class

[C] does both -- MY ANSWER! =)

Above: A gift from J
Came home from school
and found this among my fashion books!
(Check out my "hand" bookmark -- a gift from M.)

I'm adding "be each other's cheerleader" to my "Making Marriage Work" list! My hubby's really been very supportive of me attending Fashion School. I'm so touched.

Ako naman, I've always been a proud cheerleader during his Muay Thai classes, during our boxing workouts, and our fun runs. Currently, I'm his number one fan sa kanyang successful weight-loss program. He's lost 20 pounds in 4 months with a workout program and diet he designed himself! All natural, all healthy, no shortcuts.

Any one who's in a relationship where your partner fully supports your dreams (or hobbies) is very blessed. For the nth time I say, we may not be rich, famous or powerful, but with our loving marriage (and family life), WE DO HAVE IT ALL! Maraming salamat po, Ama.


The Certified Olympian said...


Tell G to share with me his secret to his weight loss :D

Out On a Date / My Little Black Book of Style said...

He's writing a blog entry about it soon -- dito nya i-po-post. =)