05 February 2011


Were you also at your most matakaw when you were in college? I was. I remember those blessed days when I could eat two cups of rice every meal and not gain a pound.

I'm back to being a student (currently attending Fashion School) and I'm scared that even my student appetite is back. Yikes! The scariest thing: I know my metabolism has changed. Now, every calorie will go straight to my thighs! Hala!

Last night, after our class "field trip" to Adora for some fashion inspiration, we held class at Lusso (also in Greenbelt). Ang saya! Eating good food (hindi patagong Skyflakes gaya nung college!) while having class. There really was an ongoing discussion, consultation and review while we were having our yummy dinner. =)

I had Lusso's Canneloni Bolognese
(Very Good! Rich in flavor but not nakaka-umay.)
and Iced Tea (OK. Uno's still my favorite.)
My bill: around Php470.
Lusso's famous for their Foie Gras Burger, will try it next time.

Class ended at 9pm last night. Met J right after. Just when I thought I'm done with dinner, I'm up for more! We went to Fely J's (still in Greenbelt). But instead of having our all-time favorites -- their adobo (J's fave) and their crispy hito (my fave) -- we decided to try something new. We ordered their Bistek Tagalog (US Angus black beef), P850. It was good. But we both decided that next time, we'll stick to our favorites.

Where are my running shoes?

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