14 September 2009


Our weekend was all about kids with S and E's back-to-back birthdays.

Our gift to dear little S: this super cute Strawberry Shortcake cake set (Php1,300 for a flat cake and Php840 for 24 pieces of cupcakes) from Kiddie Party.Com's Elaine and Eloisa Tan (Call 438-7702). We were so happy with my sis P's Hannah Montana cake last year so I got their services again. They're highly recommended!

S was so excited to see the cake, "Look, I have a Strawberry Shortcake!" Her wide eyes and big smile were enough "thank you" for me. But she even hugged and kissed us, and said "Thank you. I love you Tita A and Tito J." Awww.

For E, who has more than enough toys, clothes and books, we decided to give something more personal -- a dozen bags of Flat Tops! We learned it's her favorite, nag-aagawan pa sila ni Mommy niya.

Ate P's text message: E was so excited! "Look Mom! Our favorite! We're rich!" Hahaha!

She's really the cutest!

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