16 September 2009


Had my first HPV shot today.

You know what's so sweet about the "a bit painful" experience? One, J is paying for all three shots (Company Package: Php1,900 per shot x 3 shots). Two, he sat beside me during this morning's vaccination. I was the only woman in the clinic who had a date. Awww.

Doc: You can't get pregnant in the next six months.
Me: No problem, Doc, I'm on the pill.
Our thought bubble: No problem, Doc. We're childless by choice.

*photo from puppetgov.com


Anonymous said...

1,900 per shot?? that's a steal! how come un amin 6k per shot?? I remember nun last session ko, Sachi was already in my tummy (of course I didnt know)

DailyDates said...

GMA deal - galing noh? =)