13 November 2010


Where did you watch Pacquiao win his 8th World Championship?

Photo: OnePinoyTV.blogspot.com

Our condo arranged a live screening for the residents. J and I were supposed to have a front-row breakfast date at the 4th floor Function Room today.

But last night, as we were doing the grocery -- we were planning on bringing healthy home-made chicken sandwiches to our Pacquiao-Margarito date -- my brother called me asking for Ticketnet's number.

Me: I'll forward it to you. Why, what are you watching?
Bro: I'll check if there are still tickets for the Pacquiao fight.
Me: Our condo's sponsoring a live screening. You can have my ticket.
(Yes, I'm that kind of sister.)

So I just listened to the live radio coverage. And J -- who was out on a date with my younger bro -- texted me updates every now and then. Virtual date, haha. (I can catch the network's delayed telecast later.)

Manny could have murdered Margarito. But he was a true gentleman to the very end.

Post-bout interview:
"Boxing is not for killing each other." -- Rep. Manny Pacquiao, 8-Time World Boxing Champion

You make us more proud with your brand of fighting!

Proud of our Pacquiao-autographed gloves.

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Anonymous said...

my hubby would kill for those signed ones! :p