29 November 2010


Triangle Treat #1
We're fans of Singapore's Chicken Rice. So upon hearing that Wee Nam Kee's opening a branch in Manila, we had to try it!

We arrived earlier than the usual dinner hour. We had our names listed around 5:30pm, we were 9th in line. To kill time, we went around the garden. We came back around 6:15pm; and were finally seated by 6:30pm. Yes, one hour waiting time. The resto's still on soft opening. If you really want your chicken rice, patience must be on your menu.

Above: Roasted Chickens

Above: Bird Cage lamps

Dips: Hoisin Sauce, Ginger & Chili Sauce

We loved their very tender & flavorful
Medium (Half) Steamed Chicken!

Above: Chicken Rice
(Kanin pa lang, ulam na!)
If not for my weight-loss program, I would have ordered extra rice!
It was sooo good!

Drinks: Lime Juice
(Water na lang, dear.)

Triangle Treat #2
After dinner, we were off to the Lights & Sounds Show, still in the Garden. It's a 10-minute spectacle every 30 minutes, from 6-8pm, daily. Free!
The added aliw factor for me: watching with the super excited kids. They were ooh-ing, aah-ing, wow-ing and clapping all at the same time. Cute! Around 200 families were gathered in the garden when we watched the show. I wonder if this will turn out to be the 21st century's Pinoy Holiday tradition (remember C.O.D.'s Christmas shows in the '80s)?

Triangle Treat #3
Golden Spoon's frozen yogurt. Plain. No toppings. We shared a cup. The best option for those on a "diet."

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