24 April 2009


J's wedding vow: "I promise to take you on a lifelong journey...
To wherever OUR FEET may take us..."

Sumaging Cave, Sagada

Petronas Twin Towers, KL, Malaysia

Plaza Burgos, Vigan, Ilocos Norte

Pagudpud at sunset

Sabang beach, Palawan

Hiking in Sagada

Hanging coffins of Sagada

21 April 2009


For the first time, we celebrated our wedding anniversary, our fifth, in bed, at home.

We traveled to celebrate wedded bliss for our first four anniversaries. The First Year, we enjoyed an exciting, tan-inducing 7-day nature trip through Central Palawan -- Puerto Princesa, Sabang and Port Barton. The Second Year we took a laid-back 5-day Northern Exposure through Vigan, Pagudpud and Laoag. The Third Year, we had an unforgettable 6-day Baguio and Sagada adventure. Last year's Fourth Anniversary was celebrated with a fun-filled 4-day honeymoon in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This year, traveling had to take a back seat because of our top priority for 2009, our anniversary gift to each other -- our very own condo unit! Its turnover is due in two months (so excited!). So, yes, we stayed home (now: our rented apartment) for our new home (soon: our very own condo).

How to enjoy a 4-day Anniversary weekend without leaving the city:

Labor of Love. One morning, I surprised J with breakfast in bed – Schublig cooked in light butter with mashed potato (which I made from scratch, mind you!). He showered me with kisses. But the greater compliment – he finished everything and wanted more!

Spend time with family. We enjoyed an afternoon with my Ma, my sister P and my niece S at The Megamall. P ice-skated (her fave sport) while my niece S enjoyed the kiddie rides (she was laughing out loud!). We treated the girls to two of their favorites – Jollibee Chicken Joy & Krispy Kreme Original Glaze doughnuts. Kids are so easy to please.

Savor surprise finds! J and I chanced upon a (free) Rustan's fashion show at the Shang. I thought the maxi dresses were gorgeous! I also liked the models' tan, make-up and cellulite (Yes, they're human!). J felt the male fashion pieces were too metrosexual, in his words, “bumabading.” But the show was still a treat especially since we both appreciate fashion.

A classic: a movie date. We watched Nicolas Cage's “Knowing,” last full show. I was actually enjoying the movie – ¾ into it, I was scared, nagugulat ako, I was imagining real-life dooms day scenarios, the works – until the disappointing big reveal (WHAT THE...?!). The fun came after the movie as we discussed possible reasons why the film turned into a major disappointment. Producer A: “Let's do a disaster movie!” Producer B: “Let's do a 2009 version of E.T.!” Producer C: “Let's do both!” Very bad idea.

Pamper yourselves. We enjoyed the very relaxing Indian Scalp Massage at The Spa (Php850 each, J's treat). We got a couple's room with no extra charge (yahoo!). The massage is done on ultra comfortable reclining chairs. No need to undress - we had our robes on the whole time. The massage starts on the scalp, then the forehead, ears (sarap!), down the neck, the shoulders then the back. I loved how the massage was so focused. The therapists concentrate on an area and kinakareer talaga niya!

Chocolate. After the massage, we had dinner at Mary Grace. I chose to eat here for the dessert -- my Mary Grace favorite: their ultra fudgy brownies. J had the Rosemary Chicken with couscous and Coke. I had a tomato-based pasta and water (effort to go healthy).

Cocoon. But nothing beats couple time at home where you can do marathons of everything – movie, sleep and sex.

No traveling to a new place, no fancy candle-lit dinners, no five star hotel sex-capades, no expensive gifts. Just all the loving we want.

Nine years as a couple, five years into the marriage, we're both confident we'll stay as happy (or maybe grow even happier) in our world of two. If a couple can laugh together through near-death experiences and tipid times, you can bet they'll remain strong through the best and worst of life. Happy 5th, Baby! Here's to forever.

**Photo: Mine. It's my favorite piece in our Asian-themed apartment.