30 July 2009


We've found the perfect slippers for our new home!

I love ballet flats so I instantly fell in love with these jersey slippers from Debenhams! They're so soft, warm and comfy--perfect for my tired feet's lounge time. It's also available in black, and there's a terry cloth version, in red and white.

What are these pairs up to?! =)

29 July 2009


It was a happy, quiet, love-filled birthday.

The highlight of my day: We're spending the night here at the condo! It's our first overnight!

It was such a spur-of-the-moment decision. We were only supposed to drop off the olive oil (see "Much Ado About Moving In" blog entry) but decided to rush back to Quezon City to get our overnight stuff (and everything else we could carry) and spend the night here in Soho. The decision was made 10pm. We were in QC 1030pm. Then we were back here in Soho 1130pm! We're too excited! Tawa kami nang tawa sa ginawa namin!

I'm thankful that all my bday wishes were granted:

The Today Show - Check!

A call from my parents - Check! Theirs was the first one I received today. Too bad my sis P was still asleep (they're five hours behind Manila Time). My Mom reminisced about her delivery of me, naiyak tuloy ako. I miss them terribly!

A trip to the salon - Check! J accompanied me to the neighborhood salon for a shampoo and blowdry. (In a perfect world, I'd start every day with a professional S&B.)

Couple Time - Check! J and I enjoyed doing errands for our new home. He's been telling me, "Para tayong bagong kasal!" Five years ago, we were always shopping for appliances, furniture, home supplies too!

Last I checked, all my loved ones are happy and healthy. I pray it stays that way.

The bonus: all the warm greetings I received. Thank you, people! You made my day.

Here's something I always tell myself, J and my parents: We may not be rich, famous or powerful but knowing we all have each other always makes me feel I DO HAVE EVERYTHING!

28 July 2009


I'm turning 33 tomorrow, July 29. I have never had qualms about my age. I really can't relate to those who are in denial about it. Could it be because I know I'm the Leading Lady in My Life Story? See my super arte picture at the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars last month.

J and I are looking forward to enjoying a 5-day weekend! We were supposed to travel but our priorities (and budget) have changed. We'll most likely be doing errands for the condo unit. We want to move in as soon as possible!

My Birthday Wishes...

*To enjoy the whole day with J doing whatever.

*To be able to watch one of my favorite shows, The Today Show, without worrying that I'll be late for work.

*To be able to drop by the salon or spa for a little pampering.

*To get a call from my parents and sis. It's my first birthday away from all of them (sniff, sniff).

*To be able to move in to our new home by September 2009. We have to accomplish our long To Do List asap.

*My constant prayers: That all my loved ones stay healthy and happy. That we stay bound together by laughter, love and Faith.

I'm sending my heart's most fervent wishes out into the universe. I hope they'll be granted! =)

24 July 2009


We're not superstitious, not into feng shui. We know prayers are most powerful. But we're trying to follow all the traditions (Pinoy pamahiin) about moving in to a new home. There's no harm in doing them so...

*Rice, sugar and salt - Check! They were the first ones we brought into our condo.

*Drinking Water - Check!

*Cooking oil - soon

*Nine oranges or lemons in a bowl - soon

*Don't bring the old bed, old beddings, old pillows into the new home - We've bought a new orthopedic bed. New beddings and pillows to follow.

*Don't bring the old / used broom into the new home - Noted!

*Don't start work on your new home in August (the ghost month) - Check! We started July.

*Don't move in August - Check!

*Move in on a full moon - We'll try!

Are there other traditions we should follow? =)


Take a peek at Soho Central, our new home. 

Main lobby mirror;
Main lobby plants;
One of the six elevators;
the pool area at the 4F;
corridor to the gym & function room;
view from our 20++ floor unit;
trellis at the pool area


This is it!

After a three-year wait, we've finally inspected and accepted our very own condo unit last Saturday, July 18, 2009.

We're too excited! We've actually been visiting our home every day since Saturday!

July and August 2009: planning, buying and construction

We plan to move in September 2009!

Our view: Ortigas / Mandaluyong / EDSA Northbound (the lights are lovely at night!), Shangrila Mall, Megamall, San Juan

Boxes: We're letting go of that Sony Wega - it came with the unit - for a Plasma TV.)

15 July 2009


I never knew what I was missing until J introduced me to kebabs!
For nine years now, we've been a Persian Pair willing to try all the kebabs out there.

Scout Tobias, QC

Must Try: Beef Kebab (around Php 60)
We like the marinade (the timpla) of their beef kebab.
Other kebabs seem to be bland compared to Behrouz.

OK: rich garlic sauce (the best for me!)
OK: fruit shakes

Not so OK: service
Expect to wait awhile.

World Class
Tomas Morato corner E. Rodriguez Ave., QC

Must Try; Spicy Natural Rice (Php 50)
OK: beef kebab (Php 45)
OK: fruit shakes (starts at Php30)

Cafe Med
in malls

OK: Their kebabs have an authentic Mediterranean smell & taste

3F, Trinoma, QC (near Casa Armas)

Must Try: Cielo Kebab – beef kebab, tomato, butter rice (good for two!),around Php400

OK: vegetable salad with yogurt

Mister Kabab
West Avenue, QC

OK: Cielo Kebab (combination of ground beef kebab & taka – beef cubes),around Php150

Timog, QC

OK: Beef Kebab meal but I prefer the ground beef over the taka version, sorry.
Around Php 200

Kebab Corner
Matalino Street, QC

Not so OK: kebab was bland and rubber-y; shawarma was bad; garlic sauce is too diluted in water

Maginhawa Street, QC

Not so OK: same complaints as Kebab Corner plus our orders took so long
The worst: the waitress got J's order wrong - he ordered banana shake but the waitress insisted he asked for mango (J hates mango!)


If you could eat one thing every day for lunch, for two weeks, what would it be?

I'm in a burger and crepe mode these days. For that, we've been frequenting Cafe Breton for their Mozzarella Burger (around Php190) and Tarzan (around Php70)! J,on the other hand, can eat adobo or chicken sandwich every day.

Currently the best burger for me!

So basic – banana and condensed milk!

10 July 2009


J woke up with a major headache today. Over lunch, I took him to Beijing Foot Spa (3F, Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato, Quezon City) for a relaxing foot reflexology session.It did not take away his headache but it did offer some relief.

If you come between 1pm and 5pm, you get a 20% discount. We paid only Php 400 / person, for a 70-min service. Regular price: Php 500 / person.

We've been here 3 times. And the therapists are consistently thorough. Masipag. They're still far from the Chinese reflexologists we frequented in Kuala Lumpur but they're the best we've tried here (one poster claims "Chinese-Trained").

Foot Massage: Get ready to be introduced to ALL of the nerve points found on your feet! If you appreciate hard massage (like we do), this is for you. The session starts with a massage on your scalp, arms, hands, then they focus on your feet and legs. It ends with a back massage. Yes, it's almost like a full body session minus the stripping. They make you wear matching silk robe & shorts. And it's done on a comfortable chair. I also like the hot packs they put on your nape and back - perfect for me (I'm lamigin).

I just hope the therapists could explain why certain nerve points are super painful. Looking at the reflexology chart, my problem areas are my intestine, liver (or was it kidney?) and cold points(how true?).

Tel. Nos. 401-6810 or 0922-8338909

09 July 2009


We got to see the chic flick "He's Just Not That Into You" recently. No, I'm not doing a movie review (although I must say it was highly entertaining!). I'm writing about it because it made me think about how J is so into me. Allow me to brag.

As a suitor...

  • He brought me home from work every day. Our office is in Quezon City. He lives in Quezon City. I live in Antipolo. That's a good 16 kms! He'd bring me home even if it's raining hard, even if he's sick or injured, even if sometimes it would mean walking at least 1 kilometer from our house to the Subdivision gate (where he gets a cab). Sounds familiar? See our wedding vows (Blog entry: The Altar Date).
  • He bent his biases for me. He's not a flowers-kind-of-guy but he gave me bouquets anyway!
  • He regularly wrote love letters and poems for me.

As a boyfriend...

  • He borrowed Jack Nicholson's line from "As Good As It Gets" once - "You make me want to be a better man." And he kept his word. I never asked him to change (I love him for all that he is / was. ) but he willingly evolved into the best man he could be.
  • He shared my Faith. J: "If it's the only way for us to be together..." (aww!). This chapter in our love life was so "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Effort talaga! He patiently attended the daily bible studies, went through an oral exam, etc.
  • He listens. And remembers details!
  • He continued to bring me home from work every day.
  • He helped me babysit my sister.
  • He always takes the danger side when we cross the street.
  • He'd wash the dishes at my parents' home.
  • My first and last text message (or call) would come from him.
  • He takes care of me - in every way. When I'm with him I really feel safe. He was even with me all throughout a legal case.

As a husband...

  • He allows me to be the best woman I could be.
  • He wakes me up with his kisses.
  • He holds my hand so tight (just like the first time we held hands 9 years ago!).
  • He makes me laugh!
  • He makes my parents, my siblings, my cousins, my Titas & Titos, my friends laugh!
  • He goes shopping with me -- waits for me when I try on something, gives sensible comments, carries my shopping bags, etc. And even shops for me!
  • When we travel, he carries all our luggage, and lets me have the window seat.
  • He gives me foot and hand massages (without me asking for it).
  • He still takes the danger side when we cross the street.
  • He's a good son to my parents -- helps them with housework, he volunteered to buy Mama's abaya, etc.
  • He's a good brother to my siblings -- helps P with school work, lends T party clothes, etc.
  • He patiently waits for me -- if I need to work late, if I have a gimik with my girlfriends, if I have an errand for my parents, etc.
  • At work, he surprises me with love text or email messages (even if we're just 100 feet away from each other)!
  • He accompanies me to my chic flicks (I don't mind if he sleeps through them sometimes).
  • He takes me out on dates every night (no need to wait for "special occasions")!
  • He takes care of me when I'm sick -- prepares my meals, checks my temperature, monitors my meds, etc.
  • He allows me to cry. But more importantly, he knows when and how to cheer me up!
  • Once, after being away for a weekend, I was welcomed by a romantic bedroom setting -- bouquets of white roses on our bed with a card that said, "The bed's too big without you!"
  • We dream about the future together! He always talks about his dreams and plans for me, for us.

Haba ng hair ko noh?! Ingat, baka matapakan, hehe! =)

My prayer: That every woman be blessed with a man who's so into her too!

05 July 2009


J is an adobo lover - very Pinoy! That's why we're in constant search for the most delicious version of the popular Filipino dish. It's also the reason why it was the first thing I tried to cook (the attempt was successful - thank God)!

Top of the list (at least as of today): Fely J's (Greenbelt 5)

The pork ribs were so tender! Naaalis na ang meat from the ribs! The marinade was divine - sagad hanggang buto! Their adobo seems to have more soy sauce than vinegar (but we also like versions that have more vinegar than soy sauce). It had so much garlic - loved that!

Other favorites (in random order):

* My late Lola Priscilla's - It was on the sweet side with loads of potatoes. It was more than enough reason to go to Baguio (where Lola's based). And whenever she was in Manila, it was the young ones' top request (the adults would request for pinakbet and diningding). My relatives have all tried to copy Lola's adobo - to no avail.

* My Mom's - This version has more vinegar than soy sauce. Her marinade has lotsa pepper. Even the oil is very flavorful! And re-heating would make it tastier - lalong sumasarap!

* Mine - Yey! It made it to the list! According to J, it's one of the best (he must really love me, noh?). I know I'm far from being a good cook. But I guess it helps that I create my adobo from the heart (blush! blush!).

* The adobo from a homey stall along Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village. The first time we tried it, it was like lutong-bahay made-in-heaven. But they weren't able to sustain the quality. Until finally, the stall closed down.

* The thrice-cooked adobo of Flavors of Negros used to wow us. We'd drop by Gateway Mall's Food Court just for that. But like the Teachers' Village stall, the quality suffered through time. During our last visit, the pork was so rubber-y! And the whole thing was just plain oily!

Can you reco an adobo we must try?


I just learned that Chelsea (in Serendra) is inspired by New York's Chelsea district. The community market cafe combines a deli, a gourmet food market, a bakery with fresh pastries and breads, a coffee bar & a hip city bistro. The interesting mix lends a unique energy to the place!

We'll be back to try everything else on the menu!

The Grilled Maple Cider Glazed Bone-In Pork Chop (Php475).
We liked how all the flavors blended so well.
I was afraid the maple cider would be too sweet -- but no, it was just perfect!

Five Cheese Pizza (P495 for the 10").
I'm a cheese pizza fan so I have nothing but praises for this one.

I'm not sure what this seafood pasta is called.
It was my cousin's order. Also good.

The Grilled Chicken Apple Caesar Sandwich (Php 395).
The crispy bacon, pesto, caesar dressing come together perfectly!

Chelsea's Squash Soup.
I'm a soup person - it's my ultimate comfort food!
This one's very thick, flavorful and filling (a bowl's good for two).