15 July 2009


I never knew what I was missing until J introduced me to kebabs!
For nine years now, we've been a Persian Pair willing to try all the kebabs out there.

Scout Tobias, QC

Must Try: Beef Kebab (around Php 60)
We like the marinade (the timpla) of their beef kebab.
Other kebabs seem to be bland compared to Behrouz.

OK: rich garlic sauce (the best for me!)
OK: fruit shakes

Not so OK: service
Expect to wait awhile.

World Class
Tomas Morato corner E. Rodriguez Ave., QC

Must Try; Spicy Natural Rice (Php 50)
OK: beef kebab (Php 45)
OK: fruit shakes (starts at Php30)

Cafe Med
in malls

OK: Their kebabs have an authentic Mediterranean smell & taste

3F, Trinoma, QC (near Casa Armas)

Must Try: Cielo Kebab – beef kebab, tomato, butter rice (good for two!),around Php400

OK: vegetable salad with yogurt

Mister Kabab
West Avenue, QC

OK: Cielo Kebab (combination of ground beef kebab & taka – beef cubes),around Php150

Timog, QC

OK: Beef Kebab meal but I prefer the ground beef over the taka version, sorry.
Around Php 200

Kebab Corner
Matalino Street, QC

Not so OK: kebab was bland and rubber-y; shawarma was bad; garlic sauce is too diluted in water

Maginhawa Street, QC

Not so OK: same complaints as Kebab Corner plus our orders took so long
The worst: the waitress got J's order wrong - he ordered banana shake but the waitress insisted he asked for mango (J hates mango!)


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you guys are crazy for kebabs! We love kebabs too! we should have a kebab double date bwahahaha!

DailyDates said...

Tara! =) Where's your favorite? Ours is Behrouz! Do you know of a good kebab place in the Ortigas/ Mandaluyong area? We have to have kebabs near the condo. =)

ipe said...

try keema keema at Madison Square, Pioneer + there is also a kebab store at Banchetto during weekends.

DailyDates said...

Thanks, Ipe! We'll try Keema Keema soon. Sorry but where's Banchetto?=)

mimi dang said...

we haven't tried behrouz, try nga namin ni jay. favorite namin yung keema with eggplant sa mister kabab. yum, yum..