05 July 2009


I just learned that Chelsea (in Serendra) is inspired by New York's Chelsea district. The community market cafe combines a deli, a gourmet food market, a bakery with fresh pastries and breads, a coffee bar & a hip city bistro. The interesting mix lends a unique energy to the place!

We'll be back to try everything else on the menu!

The Grilled Maple Cider Glazed Bone-In Pork Chop (Php475).
We liked how all the flavors blended so well.
I was afraid the maple cider would be too sweet -- but no, it was just perfect!

Five Cheese Pizza (P495 for the 10").
I'm a cheese pizza fan so I have nothing but praises for this one.

I'm not sure what this seafood pasta is called.
It was my cousin's order. Also good.

The Grilled Chicken Apple Caesar Sandwich (Php 395).
The crispy bacon, pesto, caesar dressing come together perfectly!

Chelsea's Squash Soup.
I'm a soup person - it's my ultimate comfort food!
This one's very thick, flavorful and filling (a bowl's good for two).

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