10 July 2009


J woke up with a major headache today. Over lunch, I took him to Beijing Foot Spa (3F, Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato, Quezon City) for a relaxing foot reflexology session.It did not take away his headache but it did offer some relief.

If you come between 1pm and 5pm, you get a 20% discount. We paid only Php 400 / person, for a 70-min service. Regular price: Php 500 / person.

We've been here 3 times. And the therapists are consistently thorough. Masipag. They're still far from the Chinese reflexologists we frequented in Kuala Lumpur but they're the best we've tried here (one poster claims "Chinese-Trained").

Foot Massage: Get ready to be introduced to ALL of the nerve points found on your feet! If you appreciate hard massage (like we do), this is for you. The session starts with a massage on your scalp, arms, hands, then they focus on your feet and legs. It ends with a back massage. Yes, it's almost like a full body session minus the stripping. They make you wear matching silk robe & shorts. And it's done on a comfortable chair. I also like the hot packs they put on your nape and back - perfect for me (I'm lamigin).

I just hope the therapists could explain why certain nerve points are super painful. Looking at the reflexology chart, my problem areas are my intestine, liver (or was it kidney?) and cold points(how true?).

Tel. Nos. 401-6810 or 0922-8338909

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