05 July 2009


J is an adobo lover - very Pinoy! That's why we're in constant search for the most delicious version of the popular Filipino dish. It's also the reason why it was the first thing I tried to cook (the attempt was successful - thank God)!

Top of the list (at least as of today): Fely J's (Greenbelt 5)

The pork ribs were so tender! Naaalis na ang meat from the ribs! The marinade was divine - sagad hanggang buto! Their adobo seems to have more soy sauce than vinegar (but we also like versions that have more vinegar than soy sauce). It had so much garlic - loved that!

Other favorites (in random order):

* My late Lola Priscilla's - It was on the sweet side with loads of potatoes. It was more than enough reason to go to Baguio (where Lola's based). And whenever she was in Manila, it was the young ones' top request (the adults would request for pinakbet and diningding). My relatives have all tried to copy Lola's adobo - to no avail.

* My Mom's - This version has more vinegar than soy sauce. Her marinade has lotsa pepper. Even the oil is very flavorful! And re-heating would make it tastier - lalong sumasarap!

* Mine - Yey! It made it to the list! According to J, it's one of the best (he must really love me, noh?). I know I'm far from being a good cook. But I guess it helps that I create my adobo from the heart (blush! blush!).

* The adobo from a homey stall along Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village. The first time we tried it, it was like lutong-bahay made-in-heaven. But they weren't able to sustain the quality. Until finally, the stall closed down.

* The thrice-cooked adobo of Flavors of Negros used to wow us. We'd drop by Gateway Mall's Food Court just for that. But like the Teachers' Village stall, the quality suffered through time. During our last visit, the pork was so rubber-y! And the whole thing was just plain oily!

Can you reco an adobo we must try?

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