28 July 2009


I'm turning 33 tomorrow, July 29. I have never had qualms about my age. I really can't relate to those who are in denial about it. Could it be because I know I'm the Leading Lady in My Life Story? See my super arte picture at the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars last month.

J and I are looking forward to enjoying a 5-day weekend! We were supposed to travel but our priorities (and budget) have changed. We'll most likely be doing errands for the condo unit. We want to move in as soon as possible!

My Birthday Wishes...

*To enjoy the whole day with J doing whatever.

*To be able to watch one of my favorite shows, The Today Show, without worrying that I'll be late for work.

*To be able to drop by the salon or spa for a little pampering.

*To get a call from my parents and sis. It's my first birthday away from all of them (sniff, sniff).

*To be able to move in to our new home by September 2009. We have to accomplish our long To Do List asap.

*My constant prayers: That all my loved ones stay healthy and happy. That we stay bound together by laughter, love and Faith.

I'm sending my heart's most fervent wishes out into the universe. I hope they'll be granted! =)


arleneplacido said...

Happy Birthday, Ate!!! Love you! **hugs**

DailyDates said...

Thank you! Love you too!

The highlight of my day - we're spending the night in the condo! It's our first overnight! I'm too excited!