24 July 2009


We're not superstitious, not into feng shui. We know prayers are most powerful. But we're trying to follow all the traditions (Pinoy pamahiin) about moving in to a new home. There's no harm in doing them so...

*Rice, sugar and salt - Check! They were the first ones we brought into our condo.

*Drinking Water - Check!

*Cooking oil - soon

*Nine oranges or lemons in a bowl - soon

*Don't bring the old bed, old beddings, old pillows into the new home - We've bought a new orthopedic bed. New beddings and pillows to follow.

*Don't bring the old / used broom into the new home - Noted!

*Don't start work on your new home in August (the ghost month) - Check! We started July.

*Don't move in August - Check!

*Move in on a full moon - We'll try!

Are there other traditions we should follow? =)


Ging said...

hi ayee!

advanced happy bday! and what a great way to celebrate your bday but to move into your new home :)

congrats! i don't know any other pamahiin but i'm surprised about the "don't bring the old bed and beddings." we're really planning on buying a new bed but we were also planning on bringing the old bed for the guest room. bakit di daw pwede?

post new pics of the home with all the furnishing.

btw, i'm back at work. it's my 2nd day back. kamusta na kayo? kwento ka.

o siya. have fun tomorrow :)


DailyDates said...

Hi Gidge!

Sa totoo lang, I don't even know the reasons behind the pamahiins (haha!). I'm a blind (and stupid?) follower. But I'll try to find out.

Good to know you're OK na.

Yes, I'll update the photos ASAP. We're planning on a black, red and white palette.

Let's get together soon! Maraming kwento.