18 March 2010


The first time I dragged J to a nail salon, I thought the experience would make his toes curl. I was so happy when he actually appreciated the pros' work on his hands and feet (Mas maayos nga!) -- he gave them two thumbs up!

And that was how our nail spa dates started. I'd come more often, like once every two weeks. He'd come with me once a month.

A: mani and pedi with massage and polish (optional)

J: just cutting and cleaning

What we have in common: We're not fans of foot spas (We don't get it, sorry.). We'd rather go for massages. We bring our books for our nail dates -- simultaneous Me Time and Couple Time (Yipee!).

Our neighborhood nail salon: The Nail Spa, 5F Shangrila Mall
Tel No (632) 6874991 (Call. They're always fully-booked!)


arleneplacido said...

ho hummm

arleneplacido said...

glad to know kuya jorge likes it! hubby cringe at the thought of it eh.. hahaha how ironic :p

DailyDates said...

I want to try the foot massage sa Posh! Will sked something with my Mom and Lala! =) Oooh, Paula would love to have some nail art done! Good luck sa opening!