16 July 2010


Every working soul understands the importance of ending every work week with a bang. This week, we celebrated Friday with a heavenly 70-minute Foot Massage at Beijing Foot Spa, Il Terrazo, QC; then we headed to the first street food fiesta in Manila, Banchetto, Emerald Avenue, Ortigas.

The kebab photo from Our Awesome Planet
(Posted last week, "Let's try this!" blog entry).
Surprise! J's long-time friend's boyfriend (got that?) owns the kebab stall! You must try the Food Guru's kebabs!

V and D treated us with their Angus Beef Kebab! Yummy!
It was very tender and flavorful! I love the marinade / sauce they brush on it.
Thanks, V and D! We'll be back!

Longing for longganisa (Philippine chorizos)?

The Vigan longganisa: OK lang.
We've had better. =)

Chef's desserts: any 3 for Php100.

Yummy mini leche flan!
I remember making these with my mom when I was in Grade School.

Brownies. OK.
Used to make this too. I had my baking phase in High School.

V's reco: Oatmmeal Bars. Better than the brownies.

We'll try the Mongolian stall next time. Busog na eh. LOL


14 July 2010


I'm grateful for big and little blessings, especially after surviving such a scary storm (Typhoon Basyang just left Metro Manila in shock -- no one expected it to be that strong!).

Here are today's items on my Gratitude Journal:

1) The train, especially when EDSA's on a standstill (last night).

2) Our building's emergency power supply. As the city went into a black out last night, we're grateful that our ref, lights and fan could still work.

3) My fold-able umbrella and pocket-size raincoat. Ready for the rains.

4) My parents' house survived Typhoon Basyang. No flood, no damage, nothing to worry about. (This is a great blessing for any home devastated by last year's Ondoy.)

5) All my loved ones are safe and healthy.

6) The howling winds are gone. (It was too creepy for me last night, the winds sounded like Ondoy's.)

7) We got to sleep, even just a bit.

8) News bulletin, 4pm, July 14, Manila Time: The MRT is now working, but only from the North Avenue Station to the Shaw Boulevard Station. How perfect is that? (FYI: The trains were not working most of the day due to the city-wide black out.)

Count your blessings.

Hope tonight's a better one for all of us.

I'll end this with a quote posted by my dear cousin M on her FB Wall, "LIFE IS NOT ABOUT WAITING FOR THE STORM TO PASS, IT'S ABOUT LEARNING TO DANCE IN THE RAIN."

13 July 2010


Our recent dates have brought us to...

The President Tea House, SM North EDSA Annex
Yehey! We don't need to travel to Binondo, meron na sa QC.

House Tea

PTH Dimsum: Pork Siomai & Shrimp Dumplings
OK but I still prefer Causeway's dimsum.

PTH Spicy Spareribs

PTH Yang Chow Fried Rice
We love this anywhere. =)

Recipe's Nido Soup (Shangrila branch)
I was feeling sick last weekend. Wanted this soup specifically. =)

Nasi Lemak's Ginger Tea with Honey
Potent! We weren't able to finish them.
(NL Galleria branch)

NL Hainanese Chicken Rice
We miss SG's Chicken Rice!

Pancake House's Smoked Tinapa meal
Sometimes, I love having breakfast for dinner. =)
J had the two-piece Pan Chicken meal.
(PH Megamall)

Uno's Iced Tea and Freshly Baked Bread

Uno's Pasta with Bacon Bits

Uno's Special: Roast Chicken
J loved this!

Cafe Med, Podium

CM Beef Kebab
We missed this.

C2 Tilapia
I love fish. =)

C2 Bagnet
OK lang. Sorry for my bad pictures.

So where have you been recently?

10 July 2010


We often drive by the Friday food stalls along Emerald Avenue, in Ortigas (it's around three blocks from our condo). After seeing the blog entry (and photos) of Our Awesome Planet, we're definitely stopping and eating...soon (like this coming Friday?)!

We're kebab fans...

Longganisa lovers...

Mongolian maniacs...

09 July 2010


"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

I'm proud to have spoken up. Fought. And walked away.
Good riddance.


God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?"--William A. Ward

Life ain't perfect. And I am no saint. But I sure am one grateful person. I've kept a Gratitude Journal (yes, I'm an Oprah fan), started one during my single life's low point. Since then, I've started each day with a Prayer of Thanks, usually done on my way to work.

I'm thankful for...

1) Each new day.

2) My life.

3) All the *love* in my life.

4) My wonderful husband. My best friend. My mentor.

5) Our marriage.

6) My family life.

7) My Papa and Mama; and all the love they continue to shower upon us.

8) My sister P for teaching me about unconditional love. She's growing up to be a very smart, creative, thoughtful, kind person. Proud of her!

9) My brother and his family.

10) My niece S for bringing every one so much joy.

11) Each day that all my loved ones are safe and healthy.

12) Quality Time. With Hubby. With Family. With Me.

13) Our lovely little home.

14) Our daily dates.

15) Laughter. Lots of laughter.

16) My relatives. Especially those who've been with me through thick and thin.

17) My friends. Especially those who've proven to be true.

18) Our travels. (Small steps, small steps.)

19) Hugs.

20) Little acts of kindness.
Today, someone offered us free concert tickets!
Last week, an Optical Shop repaired my sunglasses for free!

21) Meeting new people.

22) Seeing other worlds.

23) Milk Tea.

24) Long walks.

25) Gray skies.

26) Second chances.

27) Learning something new each day.

28) Books.

29) Movies.

30) Food.

31) Mistakes. And the lessons that come with them.

32) Friendships that came with expiration dates. Thank you, God, for delivering us from evil.

33) Challenges we've survived.

34) My job. It's not my *dream* job but I'm doing something I enjoy.

35) The view from our condo.

36) My happy childhood.

37) Our dreams.

38) That I feel better today after being very sick yesterday.

39) Photographs.

40) Technology. It's now so much easier to stay connected with family and friends.

And my list goes on...

What are you grateful for?

04 July 2010


One of our simple joys -- doing the grocery together. We really allot time for it. We go down each and every aisle, from end to end, even if we know exactly what we're buying (I always make a list!), just to window shop. We like comparing items -- from price to content. We also like checking out what's new. If it piques our interest, we try it. But like every one else, there are the "regulars."


1) Coke - J's must-have

2) Summit or Absolute - my water brands

3) Alkaline Water - his

3) Uncle George's Gourmet Whole Wheat Bread or Gardenia's Oat Loaf

4) Nestle's strawberry yogurt - to make me feel better about my junk food addiction

5) Nestle Melon Milk - I love melon!

6) Nestle Fresh Milk - I'm into milk and tea. We don't drink coffee.

7) chicken breast fillet - he loves loves loves chicken sandwich, chicken adobo, chicken tinola, etc

8) cheese singles - any brand

9) Lady's Choice Mayo Lite

10) eggs - organic, preferred

11) Lipton Milk Tea - OK substitute for SG's Teh-C which we love so much!

12) brown rice

13) my chips - I'm so bad!

14) Purefoods Lean & Mean bacon - We feel less guilty, hehe.

15) Dole sweet corn

16) fresh tomatoes

17) bangus back fillet

18) onions & garlic

19) Joy Anti-bac dish washing liquid - You had us at "anti-bac", hehehe

20) olive oil

What's regularly in your grocery cart / pantry / ref?