16 July 2010


Every working soul understands the importance of ending every work week with a bang. This week, we celebrated Friday with a heavenly 70-minute Foot Massage at Beijing Foot Spa, Il Terrazo, QC; then we headed to the first street food fiesta in Manila, Banchetto, Emerald Avenue, Ortigas.

The kebab photo from Our Awesome Planet
(Posted last week, "Let's try this!" blog entry).
Surprise! J's long-time friend's boyfriend (got that?) owns the kebab stall! You must try the Food Guru's kebabs!

V and D treated us with their Angus Beef Kebab! Yummy!
It was very tender and flavorful! I love the marinade / sauce they brush on it.
Thanks, V and D! We'll be back!

Longing for longganisa (Philippine chorizos)?

The Vigan longganisa: OK lang.
We've had better. =)

Chef's desserts: any 3 for Php100.

Yummy mini leche flan!
I remember making these with my mom when I was in Grade School.

Brownies. OK.
Used to make this too. I had my baking phase in High School.

V's reco: Oatmmeal Bars. Better than the brownies.

We'll try the Mongolian stall next time. Busog na eh. LOL


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