09 July 2010


God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?"--William A. Ward

Life ain't perfect. And I am no saint. But I sure am one grateful person. I've kept a Gratitude Journal (yes, I'm an Oprah fan), started one during my single life's low point. Since then, I've started each day with a Prayer of Thanks, usually done on my way to work.

I'm thankful for...

1) Each new day.

2) My life.

3) All the *love* in my life.

4) My wonderful husband. My best friend. My mentor.

5) Our marriage.

6) My family life.

7) My Papa and Mama; and all the love they continue to shower upon us.

8) My sister P for teaching me about unconditional love. She's growing up to be a very smart, creative, thoughtful, kind person. Proud of her!

9) My brother and his family.

10) My niece S for bringing every one so much joy.

11) Each day that all my loved ones are safe and healthy.

12) Quality Time. With Hubby. With Family. With Me.

13) Our lovely little home.

14) Our daily dates.

15) Laughter. Lots of laughter.

16) My relatives. Especially those who've been with me through thick and thin.

17) My friends. Especially those who've proven to be true.

18) Our travels. (Small steps, small steps.)

19) Hugs.

20) Little acts of kindness.
Today, someone offered us free concert tickets!
Last week, an Optical Shop repaired my sunglasses for free!

21) Meeting new people.

22) Seeing other worlds.

23) Milk Tea.

24) Long walks.

25) Gray skies.

26) Second chances.

27) Learning something new each day.

28) Books.

29) Movies.

30) Food.

31) Mistakes. And the lessons that come with them.

32) Friendships that came with expiration dates. Thank you, God, for delivering us from evil.

33) Challenges we've survived.

34) My job. It's not my *dream* job but I'm doing something I enjoy.

35) The view from our condo.

36) My happy childhood.

37) Our dreams.

38) That I feel better today after being very sick yesterday.

39) Photographs.

40) Technology. It's now so much easier to stay connected with family and friends.

And my list goes on...

What are you grateful for?


Kristine R. said...
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Kristine R. said...

I love! There is really so much to be grateful for, just look around and not too far. This has pushed me up when push came to shove. Wow..I'll make a list too!