04 July 2010


One of our simple joys -- doing the grocery together. We really allot time for it. We go down each and every aisle, from end to end, even if we know exactly what we're buying (I always make a list!), just to window shop. We like comparing items -- from price to content. We also like checking out what's new. If it piques our interest, we try it. But like every one else, there are the "regulars."


1) Coke - J's must-have

2) Summit or Absolute - my water brands

3) Alkaline Water - his

3) Uncle George's Gourmet Whole Wheat Bread or Gardenia's Oat Loaf

4) Nestle's strawberry yogurt - to make me feel better about my junk food addiction

5) Nestle Melon Milk - I love melon!

6) Nestle Fresh Milk - I'm into milk and tea. We don't drink coffee.

7) chicken breast fillet - he loves loves loves chicken sandwich, chicken adobo, chicken tinola, etc

8) cheese singles - any brand

9) Lady's Choice Mayo Lite

10) eggs - organic, preferred

11) Lipton Milk Tea - OK substitute for SG's Teh-C which we love so much!

12) brown rice

13) my chips - I'm so bad!

14) Purefoods Lean & Mean bacon - We feel less guilty, hehe.

15) Dole sweet corn

16) fresh tomatoes

17) bangus back fillet

18) onions & garlic

19) Joy Anti-bac dish washing liquid - You had us at "anti-bac", hehehe

20) olive oil

What's regularly in your grocery cart / pantry / ref?

1 comment:

Kristine R. said...

Hahahaha gotcha on no. 13...coz for us we only buy coke and chips if there is an occasion or a visitor!!!! :)