29 June 2010


One of the perks of being neighbors with a mall -- no-worries late-night movie dates. Here are some of the titles we watched recently...

KNIGHT AND DAY: Nothing new but fun to watch pa rin. It was raining too hard that's why we decided to watch this, to kill time. Relate kami? He's so Roy (pang-secret agent). I could be so June (kailangan i-sedate pag high action na, LOL).

A-TEAM: More his movie (didn't watch the series). But surprise! Surprise! I enjoyed it!

KARATE KID: This was such a drag. Ang bagal ng pace!

I liked the original movie better. Crush ko si Ralph noon!

We love our movie dates! We try to go at least once a week.

My popcorn: sour cream and onion
His popcorn: butter
Our drink: Coke regular (I used to hate Coke until I met J!)

Date highlight: always our conversations after the movie.

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