16 June 2010


Monday, June 14, was a Holiday -- what a perfect way to start the week!

We made it even better by:

1) Cleaning my parents' home.

We got their house a new walis tambo, new walis ting-ting, and a kilo (they were sold by the kilo!) of rags -- from the market (I enjoyed our trip to the market!). Marami talagang bagay na sa palengke mo lang makikita, wala sa mall, wala sa grocery. Then, we were off to our mission. Actually, my parents' house has several cleaning angels -- Ate C, Ate L, and Nanny E. Maraming nagmamahal sa kanila. But just the same, I like doing my share. And J's always willing to lend me a hand. I pray that the house be spared from another Ondoy. Please, God.

2) Visiting S a day before school opens.

We couldn't be with my super smart three-year-old niece on her First School Day due to a series of meetings. So we made sure we visit her before school starts. We even brought her some baon.

S: "Why did you bring me lots of bread (We got her different pastries.)?"
Me: "Because we love you."
And then she hugged and kissed us, "Thank you, Tita A, and Tito J. I love you."

Have a great week, every one!

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