02 June 2010


We finally saw SATC2 last night -- yes, pinagbigyan niya ako. J hated the film. I had fun. At the start of the movie, he was pretending to sleep, pang-asar. Sorry, didn't work. I'm just super grateful he accompanied me on opening night. I'm a happy wife!

So how's Carrie & Big's two-year-old marriage?

Here are the married scenes we could relate to:

1) Wedding scene. A married couple's reaction to Carrie & Big's "childless by choice" stance. I've seen THAT LOOK too many times.

2) "Me and You. Just Us Two."
Now, that is so us! Rolex: to follow, hehe.

*our shadows in Shanghai

But unlike Mr. & Mrs. Preston, we have no issues about staying in (Well, I was never a social butterfly like Carrie). J and I, we're a cocooning couple. We love our cozy (read: tiny) condo. Everything we want and need is here -- our DVDs, our books, our notebooks, our own wifi, the pool, the gym, the spa, our comfortable bed, the view of the city...each other.

So far too, there's no need for Time Out (hope it stays that way). Maybe it helps that we're free to have Me Time. Again, space in our togetherness.

*kanya-kanyang mundo

I'm all for couples making their own rules. To each their own.

Hope your rules are working for you! =)

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