14 July 2010


I'm grateful for big and little blessings, especially after surviving such a scary storm (Typhoon Basyang just left Metro Manila in shock -- no one expected it to be that strong!).

Here are today's items on my Gratitude Journal:

1) The train, especially when EDSA's on a standstill (last night).

2) Our building's emergency power supply. As the city went into a black out last night, we're grateful that our ref, lights and fan could still work.

3) My fold-able umbrella and pocket-size raincoat. Ready for the rains.

4) My parents' house survived Typhoon Basyang. No flood, no damage, nothing to worry about. (This is a great blessing for any home devastated by last year's Ondoy.)

5) All my loved ones are safe and healthy.

6) The howling winds are gone. (It was too creepy for me last night, the winds sounded like Ondoy's.)

7) We got to sleep, even just a bit.

8) News bulletin, 4pm, July 14, Manila Time: The MRT is now working, but only from the North Avenue Station to the Shaw Boulevard Station. How perfect is that? (FYI: The trains were not working most of the day due to the city-wide black out.)

Count your blessings.

Hope tonight's a better one for all of us.

I'll end this with a quote posted by my dear cousin M on her FB Wall, "LIFE IS NOT ABOUT WAITING FOR THE STORM TO PASS, IT'S ABOUT LEARNING TO DANCE IN THE RAIN."

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