16 January 2010


Who says you need lotsa moolah to see the world?

Here's how we survived HK on a budget: Cheap Meals!

We had yummy desserts from one of the shops (Chinese characters, sorry!) in the Granville area. The place always had a looong waiting line so we got curious.

The desserts we tried are as good as the ones we have in Manila. This is so turon-ala-mode-HK version, LOL!

Filling! BBQ King's chicken meal came with green leafy vegetables (must be Chinese petchay?) as a side dish and clear soup. HKD34 = around PHP238. This is one of the stalls at the Food Republic, Silvercord mall, Canton Road.

BBQ King's pork meal, same price

Beef rice topping from one of the food stalls near Nathan Road, around HKD20.

I like the tetra-packed iced tea, around HKD5, found everywhere. I tried it because all the locals were having it. When in Rome...

Unforgettable! The super spicy beef noodles from the Chinese Traditional Noodle House near the Granville Circuit. J and I love spicy food but this was way tooooo hot! After the first subo, we both turned VERY RED and nagpapawis na! Sumuko kami dito! Lesson: in HK, when they say "spicy," they mean SPICY! Sa Manila kasi, bitin kami sa "spicy."

Our daily breakfast from the Coral Cafe -- came with the travel package. We loved watching the locals do breakfast. Most of them had congee or noodles.

Day 1: Ham. Day 2: Luncheon Meat. Day 3: Sausage. You can't complain if you're on a budget! LOL!

Yang Chow fried rice, sharks fin and quail egg dumplings from Lok Yah Lau. Around HKD76. I'm a dimsum lover so of course I had to try authentic HK versions! Yummy!

My New Year's Eve meal -- pork chop in tomato sauce from one of the Canton Road restaurants. Around HKD40. The lines were soooo long everywhere that night. Our meals were bland -- J had spare ribs -- so we dropped by Burger King for some comfort food (burger and onion rings!) right after, ang takaw!

Noodles merienda at the Cheung Kee Cafe when we visited the Big Buddha. They tasted like instant noodles. HKD20 each bowl.

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u8mypinkc00kies said...

i remember that Bonaqua water. lagi kami may stock nyan whenever we'd travel to HK. ganyan binibili namin sa grocery/ 7-11! miss ko na HK.