17 January 2010


Was inspired to do this after reading The Chiconomist's entry (Thanks to M!).

What have you done in the last 10 years?

2000. Finally moved on from my first heartbreak (took me two long years). Met J – my Great Love, my Best Friend. Life reminded me: Life is short, stay away from emotional vampires. Met D. Opened my eyes to a brand new world. "Modelled" for HP's brochure. Events Host.

2001 and 2002. So in love! I was a living example of second chances at love. Believe!

2003. My sister P entered pre-school. I was a teary, sentimental, excited Ate on her first day! It was official: may pinag-aaral na ko. =) I volunteered to send her to school. Road to Number One. Family moved to a new home. Papa’s semi-retirement. J's bible study and baptism (so My Big Fat Greek Wedding!).

2004. Momentous Year. Got married. Nestled in our Asian-themed apartment. J's Accident. A Matter of Life and Death: In a span of two months, I was a bride who almost turned into a widow. Major adult moment! It was official: Number One na! Bangkok. HongKong. Macau. Life's Lesson: Believe a person the first time s/he introduces her/himself to you.

2005. P entered Grade School – Gasp! She’s growing up too fast. Palawan. Pahiyas. Singapore. Boracay. Encantadia. Other Favorites: KMJS, IMB, KST. Promotion to Project Manager. Q. Moms print ad on Good Housekeeping. Bought our first major investment.

2006. Northern Exposure: Vigan, Laoag, Pagudpud. My niece S is born. New friendships. Turned 30. Wrote a lengthy "Thank You" letter to my parents -- they couldn't stop crying! =)

2007. Survived Sagada! My first Ad Congress, Subic. Exciting account: American Idol.

2008. Kuala Lumpur. Papa’s back in KSA. P turned 10. Started blogging. Boxing. Morning runs/walks in UP.

2009. Davao. HongKong x 2. Love Life Love Q. Mom and Sis moved with Papa to Jeddah. The long wait’s over: J and I moved to our very own home (delivered earlier than expected)! Survived Ondoy. Facebook. Dance class. 10th Year in Service.

Love life!

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