23 January 2010


On J's 39th birthday(we have no age issues), he was surrounded by gorgeous girls!


My sisters from work were so funny (and sweet)! On J's bday, they had a "wish" (parang baliktad!) -- a lunch date with him. So off to World Class Persian Kebab we went! Location: corner of Tomas Morato and E. Rodriguez, QC.

Our World Class faves: spicy natural rice, beef kebabs, grilled tomatoes & onion and fruit shakes.

For dinner, na-solo ko na siya!

We went to New Bombay...

...at the Cinema Level of The Podium

We loved the vegetable soup, around PHP120 (good for two).

The spicy Shrimp Kadai, around PHP200.

The flavorful Chicken Biryani, around PHP200

The milk tea (with ginger), around PHP120.

Persian. Bombay.

J, you spice up my life! =) HBD!


Arlene said...

Belated Happy Birthday Kuya Jorge!!

World Persian -- we eat here at least once a week, parang kapit bahay lang!
we love the shawarma and kebab too!

Oh, and they have a branch at Pioneer, found out just last week. Its near your place lucky u! (if you dont already know :))

DailyDates said...


Yep, we saw the one near our condo na. But we haven't been there. OA nga reaction ko the first time we saw it -- super excited. LOL!