20 January 2010


How green are you?

If small steps do count then I hope our efforts add up to every one else’s – for that giant leap for Mother Earth.

Our little efforts:
•Low energy light bulbs at home
•We live in a building. Vertical housing is more environmental.
Let's allot land for trees.
•We’re commuters – less polluting
•We love walking – it’s good for us and the environment
•We have our groceries delivered at home via the pushcart (Thanks, Rustan’s!)
•We turn off the main switches when leaving home
•We share/donate old clothes, shoes and bags
•Rechargeable batteries for the digi cam
•J has stopped smoking – almost 4 years na!
•We re-use envelopes
•We re-use paper
•Job Orders – soft copy, as much as possible
•We turn off the computer at the end of every work day
•Our biggest contribution: We’re childless by choice! Imagine how much carbon footprint we’ve saved. =)

We hope to do more.

Photo credit: Open.Salon.Com

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