06 August 2010


#2 Food Trip
From night markets, street stalls, food courts and tea rooms

Ximen Night Market
Less than 5mins away from our budget hotel (love our location!)

Squid Balls, NTD20 per stick (around Php28)
The squid flavor is more intense than Manila's.

Strawberry Snow Ice, NTD 120 (around Php168)
Perfect for the heat. The temp ranged from 35-38C while we were there.
We loved how generous they were with the fresh strawberries!

Bitter Melon Juice, NTD 45 (around Php63)
The bitter melon juice stands were a hit based on the long lines! And they were everywhere. It tasted like medicine. I'm sure it's very healthy but I prefer my ampalaya (bitter melon) as a vegetable side dish.

Oyster Omelette, NYD 45 (around Php63)
Love this anywhere - in SG, Manila or Taipei

My favorite discovery: Curry Dumplings, NTD 5 each (around Php 7)
They were too good -- a burst of curry in every bite!

Shilin Night Market
To get there: take the red MRT line. Go down at the Jiantan station. Take the underpass or cross the street. Signages are everywhere, you won't get lost.

Chicken Rice with Taiwan Petchay, good for two, NTD260 (around Php364)

711 Mineral Water, around NTD30 I think.
Love the design!

Porkchop Meal
Eslite Bookstore food court (the 24-hour branch, found at No 245, Section 1, Dunhua South Road)

Roast Pork Meal
Eslite Bookstore food court

Beef Noodles, NTD 140 (around Php196)
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Dept. Store

Tofu, side dish of the Beef Noodles

Eslite Tea Room

J's earl gray tea

My chamomile cup with a yummy biscuit

Our daily hotel breakfast: congee, toast, scrambled eggs, Taiwan petchay

Strawberry Sherbet

Mos-try: MOS Burgers!
This is the Chicken Sandwich Meal with fries and soda, NTD 130 (around Php182). The chicken's so tender and juicy! The vegetable so fresh, the sauce so flavorful! We hope someone can bring MOS to Manila.

Sizzling chicken and tofu meal
Taipei 101 food court

Tan Tzai noodles with steamed Taiwan petchay, NTD 100
Taipei 101 food court

We loved that good food was everywhere in Taipei (we had a hard time finding cheap food stalls during our last trip, the Shanghai trip last April). And everything was very affordable (my top find, the curry dumplings, were only NTD5!). But based on our limited travel experience, Singapore is still the ultimate Asian food trip destination!

Photos: Mine and J's

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